Time for a VACAY! {4.3.13}

Gosh, I think the last time Matt and I went on a vacation or just a get-away together was when I was about 37 week pregnant with Finnley.  So, about 10 months ago or so?  We went to Palm Springs (our usual spot) at Rancho Las Palmas Resort.  I’m thinking a quick get-away would do the trick…but then again a big trip would hit the spot as well.  We both have been working hard, going non-stop and a recharge is definitely in order…sooner than later!  Sometimes just a few days away is all it takes!!  So, where do we go??  What do we do??

Some friends of ours (6 or 7 couples) are going to Cabo San Lucas for 5 days and I’ll tell you what, nothing sounds better at the moment!  We keep going back and forth on whether or not we should just go!  It would definitely scratch the itch.  There’s no place like sitting on a sandy Mexican beach, sipping a cold beer, waiting to get just hot enough to take a dip in the water.  Ahhhh!  I think I’m convincing myself right now that we should just book it.  5 days, with friends at an all inclusive resort?  Where do I sign?  Well, if we hadn’t just refinanced our house, the decision would be a lot easier at the moment.  It sucks the life out of you to do something like that!  But, it will save us in the long run and we’re happy with a lower mortgage payment now too :)  Anyway, sometimes trips like these you just gotta BOOK IT and forget the rest.  You know it’s going to be a fun time, how could it not be?  Especially at an all-inclusive resort!  You literally don’t have to think about a thing once you step foot off that airplane.  Drinks, food, hotel and entertainment is all taken care of.  You’re in CABO!  Once we’re sitting on that airplane with a cocktail in hand, we’re going to look back and thank ourselves that we did…

Another trip that’s definitely happening this year is… Vegas BABY!!!  We’re going with our besties, Brandi and Phil.  There was a Groupon for some ridiculously cheap offer for a 2 night stay at the Riviera so Brandi and I bought it on the spot.  Haha!  Too good not to pass up.  Now we HAVE to go!  I mean…hotel is already paid for.  For 2 nights!  Lookin’ forward to that trip, as I think we’re road trippin’ out there and then flying home.  Road trips are the BESSSST!  Oh, and we all know the “drive” back from Vegas is the worst!  No two ways about it, gotta fly.  Not much else tops that, as far as being in the top 10 last things a person wants to do after a weekend of Vegas.  That’ll be a trip that I look forward to as soon as it gets booked.  The four of us LOVE to gamble and we have some of the best times together!!!  B?!  Where you at?!  Let’s book this!!

Any vacation spots that you’ve got planned this year??  I’m up for some new suggestions or hot spots, with or without the kids.  I always think of Palm Springs when I think of vacationing because it’s close enough from home, but just far enough away.  And now that we’re living in Temecula, it’s even closer.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d actually really like to take a road trip with some friends (and all the kids) up the coast and go camp.  Finnley’s still in the crazy crawling stage though and isn’t quite a walker yet… so camping wouldn’t be the most optimal idea.  Maybe a year from now.  But I’ll have to say, camping trips with friends usually make for the most memorable vacations.  Now that most of us have kids, these camping trips just get better and better as the numbers multiply.  It’s really a cool feeling… watching your kids grow up together with your friends’ kids.  Starting those memories early!

Anyway, so a vacation is in order…just not sure when it will come.  Hopefully sooner than later (like next week)!!  Matt’s head might fall off if we don’t get out of dodge soon.  His hard work shall be rewarded somehow soon!  I suppose I’ll keep an update as to where we decide to run off to.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!!  Or…. maybe we’ll just book Cabo and GO!?  It really shouldn’t be a hard decision, right?

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