Spring has sprung! {3.19.13}

My Spring Goose…

Although we’re amongst one of my most favorite times of the year, Spring, we are also one day away from one of my favorite days of the year, Matt’s birthday!  All of you who know me well, know that I love throwing a great party.  This year, the month of March has got me hustling to get some major Spring cleaning done, due to our Spring agenda.  We’ve got Matt’s birthday on the 19th, a few other birthdays in between (3 to be exact) and Easter at the end of the month!  Although we’re only holding one of the events at our house, it’s still got me in major cleaning mode… and it feels SO good!!  Time to freshen up!

First thing’s first.  I went down to Home Depot and got some new bark/wood chips for our planters to freshen up and darken the look.  I paid around $16.00 and was able to completely cover the planter on the back wall and the ring around our Desert Museum tree on the side.  It makes everything POP!  If you’ve got wood chips in your backyard, I’d suggest doing this once a year.  It’s worth it!  All of our bushes and trees look so much greener and bright!

Freshly planted ranunculus in Whisky barrels

The contrast of wood chips against the greenery

While I was at the Depot, I also got some fresh Spring flowers and succulents to re-do some of the pots that we’re desperately in need and liven our greenery a little bit!  We did almost the same look as last year in the Whisky barrels- planted gorgeous ranunculus and sweet Alyssum around the front.  We got a mixture of white and purple for the Alyssum and an assortment of  bright ranunculus.  When it all grows in, it looks so GOOD!  I love Springtime!  I go crazy on Pinterest in the Spring.  I think it’s because of all of the gorgeous colors and patterns (clothing typically).  I love anything from pastels to neon, and in the Springtime… anything goes!

So, along with the re-fresh project going on in the back and front yards, Matt and I are also re-doing some of the outside furniture as well.  We started our Farm Table in the winter, hoping it would be done by Spring so we could start eating dinner’s out on the patio and enjoying the evening daylight and warm weather.  One of our favorite things to do when Matt get’s home from work is have Happy Hour on the patio together and let the kids run around… helps us both (and the kids too) to unwind and decompress from the days’ work.

Anyway, having the table done will be a huge accomplishment while also add such a great feature to our patio/backyard.  This is the first piece of real wood furniture we have ever attempted to make and I’d say it has been quite a success considering it was our first time!  We started with several pieces of wood, different sizes and thicknesses and cut them all according to the directions and we just followed plans (see above link).  Then we figured out how we wanted it to look after it was built.  We decided to go with a fun distressed/antique look rather than staining the wood.  Both looks I love, but for this table we wanted to try something different.  And I’m so happy we did because we’re both really hyped on the way it is turning out!  Only a few more sections to “finish” rubbing down with Olde English and it should be complete!

Coming together!

Our little helper :)

What a work in progress!  Just a few more finishing touches.  Can’t wait to finally be able to sit down and enjoy our new table!

Almost finished!!

And thanks to Pinterest, I will be re-doing my card-table folding chairs this week to add some seating room to the table.  We haven’t found the chairs yet for the table, so these will have to do in the meantime.  When the time comes, we were talking about getting 4-6 random, mis-matched chairs for one side (and the ends) of the table.  Then building one long bench seat for the other side.  We’ll see.  For now, gotta stay focused on all of the 900 other tasks at hand.  Haha!!

The only other Spring/Easter decor I have attended to inside my house is the wreath of course, the hurricane centerpiece on our kitchen island and the mantle above the fireplace.  All of which I did sort of half-ass and didn’t really get too creative as I have been devoting more of my time and attention to the backyard… which is fine with me.  I maintained more of a fun and childish theme for Easter/Springtime this year, as Jake gets a kick out of it.  I just decorated the mantle while both kids were down for their naps.  I’m curious as to what Jake will say once he sees all of the colorful Easter eggs?!  Not sure if he’ll even care…but maybe he would if he knew they are all filled with jelly beans and Cadbury eggs!

Looks neat when the candle is lit and glowing

Not the best job on a Springtime centerpiece but I’ll let it slide.  It’ll be interesting to see how many of those Butterfinger eggs are missing each day as we get closer and closer to Easter…  I live with a bunch of chocolate thieves!

Easter mantle

Spring wreath…my favorite one so far :)

What has been your Springtime inspiration?  Any fun ideas or projects you’ve got going?  I just love this time of year.  Now that the time has changed (and we’re all finally adjusted) it feels great having that extra hour of daylight!  More time to spend outside enjoying the warm weather and fresh air.

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