Speed & Endurance (S&E) {4.17.13}

The best partner there ever was!  -Open wod 13.3 at BBCF

The best partner there ever was! -Open wod 13.3 at BBCF

I have been wanting to touch on this subject since I got into it about 2 months ago.  When I first started Crossfitting in August of 2012, there was a “Running Club” held on Tuesday nights (I think it was) and I went to it a few times in hopes of just helping my goal of losing weight faster.  I wasn’t interested in becoming a better runner or even interested in “liking” running.  I just wanted the extra endurance to enhance my workout routine.  Well, that soon ended around Christmas time and came back with a new face.  It is organized and more importantly, programmed to help the participants improve their running while working on form at the same time.  I never realized how much was entailed in the act of running.  We’ve worked on drills that improve our strides, foot placement, arm placement, head placement, lean, etc.  I never thought I’d be into this class as much as I’m into Crossfit.  I’m hooked!!  How is this happening?!?

Our box, BBCF started a Speed and Endurance team/group that is held on Tuesday & Thursday nights.  It’s held by our Coach (and friend/athlete), Josh Cagwin.  He recently got certified and has taken classes that have enabled him to facilitate this class and is very thorough on the fundamentals of running.  In just the 10-11 weeks that Matt and I have participated, we have noticed an extreme improvement in our running, not only in the class but in our WOD’s as well!  Now that’s something to be proud of!  We both have mentioned it to each other saying that we never realized how much of a role that form played in our running.  We now find ourselves running/striding with more ease, while also running faster and smoother. We’ve learned proper foot placement and great breathing techniques as well.  It’s all good stuff!!

Wod at the OPEN.

Wod at the OPEN.

We’re really happy our box puts on a class like this because it gives us (and everyone else) the chance to reach goals quicker, whether it be for weight loss reasons, or for strength, speed, or improving endurance, or whatever the case.  It’s just really great that we are given the opportunity to be a part of something like this.  Matt and I both look forward to it on those nights because I think the main reason is because we have seen improvements in our running, week to week.  That’s where the motivation kicks in, therefore resulting in “the itch.”  We’re lucky to have the team of coaches we have at Boombox Crossfit.  The programming is incomparable!!!  They’re all so awesome and truly, genuinely care about the craft of Crossfit and how it helps and enhances the lives of others.  We’re lucky.

Having been a participant in these running nights, religiously, I can now say with a smile that I can run an almost 8 minute mile!!!  My fastest time up to now is 8:17.  I’m almost there!  I haven’t really had any running goals in mind since I’ve started, but now that I am seeing such great improvements and results, I suppose I’ll make some goals!  It always feels great to work towards something that was unreachable at one point.  Now that I’m close to achieving this goal, I want it even more!!!  Let me get something straight…I still hate running…for the record.  I’m not going to become this amazing runner one day and do crazy marathons…at least I don’t think I am.  It doesn’t sound appealing to me, what so ever!  Triathlons are different.  There’s only a little bit of running :)  Haha.

Anyway, I was going to say that I initially joined S&E because (just like before) I just wanted to lose weight and tone up  quicker.  I have no interest in becoming a “runner” and have nothing against people who do.  I have just never enjoyed running for fun.  I’ve only done it for weight loss reasons.  In the beginning of it all, I just wanted to get the most of my workout experience.  So, I did everything it took to participate in as much as I could, without dying, and just hoped that I’d start seeing results.  I most definitely have!!  I have also learned that going balls out, isn’t the smartest thing either.  Just because someone works out 7 days a week doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to get the greatest results.  Working out smart is all part of the deal.  Taking advantage of rest days is important, stretching, mobility, diet.  The list goes on.  There is a prescribed amount of days a person should workout or WOD and if you over do it, you’ll just burn out quicker and fatigue faster, therefore not necessarily getting the results you thought you would.  I’ve learned this lesson and have tried to stick with what my Coach(es) suggest. Sometimes I’m just too damn sore to Wod.  Period!  I try to WOD 4-5 days a week and run at S&E on T/Th.  I’d say that this regimen is quite hefty, but I am in control (sometimes) with how hard I go.  It all depends on the week I guess.

I’ve learned through the years, but more so, recently that proper diet alone plays the MOST important role, being the perfect partner in health and fitness.  If the proper diet isn’t in play, it’s like putting half the work into your efforts.  This part isn’t easy by any means…I’m still getting used to it, Paleo that is.

Typical breakfast any given day of the week... Still getting used to this.

Typical breakfast any given day of the week… Still getting used to this.

Although this breakfast looks delicious and super normal, it’s a little hard to swallow (pun intended) day after day, week after week.  I always say how I need variety in my meals and this “diet” has definitely proved that to be true for me.  It’s tough at times but I try to keep my mind focused on the task and goals at hand.  I could be a vegetarian after eating strictly Paleo for 30 days.  All that meat grosses me out after a while!  I’m a dairy lover too, there’s no two ways about that.  I always will be, which is why I will never look the way I want to (in a bathing suit) and I’m totally fine with that if it means that I get to drink milk and eat cheese and yogurt and put half and half in my coffee :)  Screw bathing suit season, that’s for your 20′s anyway!  I’ll do my best to look good in my clothes and be fine with that…

Prepping meals, Paleo style

Prepping meals, Paleo style

Either way, I’m blogging about this because I’m stoked with my Crossfit and S&E performance.  I never thought I’d feel this way about fitness….NEVER!  So, I just hope to keep it up and continue to progress from week to week and improve from month to month.  It’s pretty darn inevitable given the Coaching we’ve got and the commitment and determination I’ve got.  I’m almost to my “goal weight” but now I’ve been looking at it a little differently seeming as how I’ve learned that the scale isn’t the greatest tool to depend on when looking for results.  The muscle gain from Crossfit is just crazy!!!  It’s awesome!  Now, I’m trying to just go off of how I feel in my clothes rather that what the scale says.  I have recently tried on a few pairs of old jeans (pre-pregnancy with Jake- my first born) and I’m almost there!!!  I can zip/button them up all the way, but it’s still not comfortable.  I’ve got about another 10 lbs (of chubb) and I should be in good shape.  Hey, that’s an amazing improvement right there!  It’s funny that I feel more tightness around the thighs now though, when I slip into my jeans…it’s all those damn squats!!!  It’s a good thing I suppose, otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing it.  I’m addicted to Crossfit… and now Speed and Endurance!!  Better than smoking a pack of cigarettes!  I can tell you a thing or two about those days too…I’d rather not though.

It’s the perfect pair of workouts for my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier about where I’m at today.  Thanks to BBCF!!!

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