New Year…New You! {1.3.14}

As we ring in the new year, we have decided as a family that there is no better time than now to live and think healthy!!  We want this new year to be our best year yet.  Having been a part of Crossfit for over a year now has put our lifestyle habits into great perspective and we have learned what habits work and which ones don’t.  It’s not easy defining and living a healthy lifestyle, especially with two kids and a crazy schedule.  But what I can say is that having a goal and wanting to change is the first step!  Change isn’t necessarily the answer if nothing needs change… Some people think that with each year, change needs to occur.  I feel that it’s not necessarily change that needs to occur, but growth.  With my 2014, I will seek both :)

Sweet Fifi

Sweet Fifi

Healthy living consists of many, MANY things.  There is the obvious which starts with more exercise, better eating and more sleep.  But also in my mind, one of the major important changes I need to make in my own routine is to rid myself of feeling like I have to always be “caught up”.  It’s exhausting!  I love being busy and productive and active, but when it becomes too much and life seems to feel stressful and overwhelming, those things start to interfere with the development of my true goals.  It’s time to let go of the things that don’t matter and to hang on tighter to the things that do.  That realization right there was a hard one to find…but once I discovered it, a huge weight was lifted.

My two boys.  My everything.

My two boys. My everything.

I want to be more active in what my kids are doing, or learning, or saying, or thinking or how they’re developing as little beings!!  I want to be more present and less distracted.  I want to live more simply.  This I understand, is all up to me.  I will do my best to start this year off working towards fulfilling these new lifestyle changes in hopes for a happier, healthier me.  A better wife, Mother, daughter, sister and friend :)

What are your 2014 wants?  Needs?  Changes?  Goals?  Resolutions?

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  • Just thought I would check in as I haven’t checked in awhile. These pictures!!! I love them and I love this little family so much! I love these goals you set and I would say you are doing really good with keeping them. You are the healthiest, happiest, most beautiful “you” I’ve ever seen!! Great post! Ly

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