Laundry LOADS of fun! {12.28.12}

Twas the Night Before Christmas…when my laundry machine broke!  The last thing that a Mom needs, right smack dab in the middle of the holidays.  A broken washing machine.  Just what I need to think about.  Are we going to try and fix it or is it time to just bite the bullet and go grab new ones?  Still not the most exciting way to spend the day after Christmas.  On the bright side, the washing machine we had came from my gracious Mother-in-law when we moved into our condo in RB in 2007.  So, needless to say, we didn’t pay for it and it had a pretty good run considering it was hers for years prior to that!

Matt, the kids and I went over to Sears because we decided to get new machines (we bought our dryer used, from a place in Escondido when we moved into our home in 2011…so with everything considered, we didn’t have much money in them to begin with).  Sears was having a “deal” on washer/dryers through the weekend!  Whattaya know!!  The only REAL difficult part of this buying process was which ones to get?!  Do we purchase top loaders which is what we have now?  Or do we get front loaders?  More of a new, modern look that I LOVE!  Well, I talked it over with my friend Brandi for a while due to the fact that I will get a pretty straight answer as she is the queen of reviews and she bought frond loaders a few years back and will have a thing or two to say about them.  Her help was huge.

After being in Sears for over an hour, we decided to take a Facebook poll.  Yep!  You got that right!  What a brilliant idea, right?  I thought so :)  It was my first poll.  Rarely do I care about what other people think but this was a situation where we really didn’t know which ones to go with?!  If we’re about to drop $2000+ it’s nice to be satisfied with our choice!  We cruised around Sears refreshing my Facebook feed to get as many responses as we could in the next 30 minutes or so.  That poll had a LOT to do with the decision we made.  Think about that?!  How weird yet, really, really cool at the same time.  It was like a live feed of personal reviews coming from people that I know and trust!  Pretty cool.  In instances like this in particular, I’m all about taking an online poll.  The feedback was excellent (about both products) but we realized a common fault and upkeep that people kept repeating about the front loaders that we didn’t like so we went with top loaders and are super stoked to get them tomorrow!

I didn’t think I was going to be happy with top loaders again as I have been using that kind my whole life and thought it would’ve been nice to get a new fresh look and style for once.  But I am actually pretty stoked to get them!  They were cheaper by a few hundred bucks and have double the capacity (drum) for the amount of clothes it can wash.  It can also fit our Cal King comforter to wash, as the front loader didn’t.  We would’ve had to get the MAX size that was outrageously expensive.  But then again, I’m not washing my comforter every day…  Beside the point.  Both are digital with the same functions but our dryer has a steam rack for steaming and sanitizing items such as shoes (or as the sales man put it: baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, tec…).  Yeah, ……right…like I will spend my days sanitizing baby toys in the dryer…  Now that I think about it….not a bad idea?  Yeah?  Maybe not…  Sounds silly.  They both came in the color we wanted- a metallic greyish.

Anyway, another really cool thing about this whole expensive, inconvenient situation is that we decided to deck out our laundry room too.  Now that we have these super fab laundry machines, we can’t just put them in the spot that the other ones were in… too boring and drab.  So we did a quick Pinterest search and found some great chic laundry room ideas.  We went out the next day  and bought paint (a fun taupe/greyish color for the walls and a fun purple for the ceiling), a new antique-looking light to replace the florescent lighting and we already had some knobs which we will added to the pantry doors and will soon be adding some shelving with a small lamp for more light if needed.  I also thought it would be fun to add a little succulent or something to brighten it up.  No windows in my laundry room.  We came up with a fun idea to paint the ceiling a deep plum color and I can’t wait to see how it all looks when it’s put together!  It was Matt’s idea to hang a chandelier… what a suggestion!

So, I suppose this laundry machine situation wasn’t the worst after all.  It just seemed like the pits in the beginning because a million things started running through my mind and I absolutely hate to spend money on such a product if I don’t need to!  I mean, they’re just washing clothes right?!  Sounds simple…but as a wife and Mother of 2 babies, I need a top notch product that I can depend on.  I’m also in that room more often than I realize, so why not make it as enjoyable of a place as possible?  It’s really my laundry room.



What do you think of all this laundry machine/ laundry room havoc?


One Response to Laundry LOADS of fun! {12.28.12}

  • This is my most favorite laundry room ever!! I already told you i’m coming over with a bottle of wine and we are hanging out in your laundry room. For real! Good Job!

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