Jake’s Triple Threat! {4.9.13}

That’s MY boy! Age 2.

Triple Threat I said!  And I’m not talking about Jake’s many talents or athleticism.  That will be in the next chapter…  I’m talking about my baby boy growing up into a BIG boy, sad but true.  Matt and I have been talking a lot lately about potty training Jake, as he is almost two and a half and we think it’s about time.  He is a smart boy and knows when he needs to go “potty” whether it’s #1 or #2 and will tell us from time to time that he needs to go…or sometimes, if he just went :)  It’s the #2 that he’s more timid about than anything.

We bought him his own potty back in October just to have for him to get used to.  It cheers for him when he flushes  and it’s an exciting thing about going potty.  We recently decided that this weekend is the weekend that we are going to give it a go!  We are going full hands in, with great expectations but have promised each other not to be disappointed if he comes out of his “potty-training-weekend-extravaganza” still wearing diapers.  We really don’t know what to expect as Jake has his own personality and will make up his own mind whether or not he is into it.  He knows what treats, toys and surprises are involved in this process…but it really all boils down to whether or not he is READY.  Please be ready!!!

Way to go, kid. Daddy tells him to shake it off when he’s done doin’ his business…

So, just as he’s (hopefully) getting used to going on the potty and not in his diaper anymore, we pull out more tricks.  Number two of his Triple Threat is his
 pacifier, or as we/he calls it, his Nuk.  Matt and I are pro-pacifier parents however, if the child is completely and utterly attached/obsessed with it, there can be trouble ahead…in more ways than one.  Our biggest reason for wanting to get rid of his Nuk is for the sake of saving his teeth.  We don’t necessarily mind his attachment to it, but having nice teeth is a BIG deal to Matt and I and Jake has an award winning smile, yet his teeth are starting to bow out due to his Nuk.  He somehow got addicted to using his younger sisters pacifier (which happens to be pretty big thankfully) but it’s still the wrong size for his palate and it’s causing his teeth to bow.  If we let this continue for much longer, this may lead to a bigger problem down the road and we’d like to refrain from being the cause of his dental damage.

How can I say NO to this face?!?

Jake, loungin’ with his two favorite things, Hop and Nuk.

Another troublesome trait that goes along with this addiction is having the child get used to not having it anymore.  Forever.  Usually, children around this age (2.5 years old) don’t understand the concept of losing something they cherish, for good.  He doesn’t know that the Nuk isn’t here to stay, nor does he know or think that it’s something that he can’t have forever.  Typically, I imagine children this age understand temporary affects, therefore resulting in the use of (the Nuk in this case) later on that day or evening.  This part is not going to be fun.  I think we might take the “cold turkey” approach.  Geeze, just listing to myself write sounds like I’m writing about a crack addict!  It’s basically the same thing!!!  In a way.  Haha.

…his 3rd favorite thing are his Cowboy boots.

This look just screams, “Don’t even think about it Mom!  You aint takin’ my Nuk away!!”  Jake is straight up, no two ways about it, ADDICTED to his Nuk.  He asks for it after meals, before bed time, when he’s tired, when he’s cranky, when he’s in trouble, when he’s happy, on car rides…the list goes on.  If anyone can relate to this however, it’s me.  I sucked my thumb until the middle of first grade.  It was pretty bad.  I was addicted.  I know how Jake feels about his Nuk and understand it.  My parents tried everything under the sun to help me to quit sucking my thumb.  I remember going to therapy for it and the therapist gave me a sock puppet to put on my arm that covered my whole hand, up to my elbo (just like a sock) and there was a face on it that was supposed to comfort me when I had the urge to suck my thumb.  Are you kidding me??  I ripped that stupid sock off my arm so fast and popped my thumb in my mouth behind my parents back.  There was also the popsicle stick and tape approach where I went to bed some nights with my thumb taped up to a popsicle stick with tape surrounding my whole thumb, so when I try to put my thumb in my mouth it just wouldn’t work.  I’ve got news people!  That didn’t work either…  I just ripped that off too.

What finally worked was a $5 bottle of this stuff called “Stops It.”  Yep!  That’s it.  It was this clear polish that I had painted on my thumb and it lasted hours at a time, never wearing off even if I tried to wash it off.  So, they painted this clear polish all over my thumb, and I was all for it, knowing that it was time for me to stop this addiction and just like that, I was over it.  It took one day I think.  I remember putting my thumb in my mouth out of habit and it tasted like nail polish remover!  It was terrible tasting!  It wasn’t a choice to suck my left thumb, it just wasn’t the same (didn’t fit the same), so that next day, I was officially a non-thumb-sucker!  Whew!!  I had years of dental work though and a majority of the damage was from sucking my thumb til I was nearly 6!

Anyway, so I can definitely relate to how Jake feels about his Nuk, but it’s time to nip it because I really don’t want to go through what my parents went through.  It must have been horrible!  I’m dreading it now and my boy is not even 3 years old!  So, Jake’s addicted, it’s a known fact, just as he is with his bunny “Hop.”  But his bunny isn’t going anywhere.  It’s his best pal and he’d take him everywhere with him if he could- fine with us.  I do think we’ll take the cold turkey approach as we just want it all to be over with and are hoping the initial shock  will wear off sooner than later.  We have read many articles and blogs about how to get rid of your child’s need for the pacifier and there are some really neat ways to do it.  But Jake is still very young and doesn’t understand the difference between permanent and temporary actions yet.  This may be a very trying and difficult thing for us to overcome as a family, but we are in it together!!  We know he can do it.  We’re going to tackle it some way, somehow.  It’s a little bit more of a big deal than the potty training is at this point.  It’s not as crucial for him to be 100% potty trained right now but we’re gonna give it a shot and see.  Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Takin’ care of that beautiful smile!

Lastly will be the conversion from his crib to a toddler bed.  Jake has just never shown that he’s cared to get out of his crib.  I think he actually likes his crib a lot more than other boys his age.  He rarely ever minds when it’s bedtime or napping and when he wakes up, he either calls one of our names to come get him, or he cries until we get him.  But he has never tried to climb out.  So we have just kept the crib!  He hasn’t necessarily outgrown it or anything like that, it’s just that with all the other changes that are about to happen, I think we can transition into a “big boy bed” and he’d be just fine.  On vacations, he has slept on trundle beds and other non-cribs and has been just fine, all the way through the night and into the morning.  I think it’s time.  This all makes me so SAD too!!!!  My baby boy is growing up TOO FAST!!!  :(  It’s so crazy, but every day is a gift and we try to cherish every moment we can with both of our babies.  There will be many monumental moments and milestones through their childhood and along the way and I think the best way to approach these moments is to embrace them with the best intentions for all.  It’s still a really crazy thing to think about.

So, what are/were your challenges as a parent?  Have you had some of these same trials?  What’s your best advice?  Are we outright crazy for addressing Jake’s Triple Threat all at once??  Maybe so.  Maybe not??  I guess we will see as the next few weeks unfold…  Looking forward to seeing my baby boy in action!  Also scared to death.

Feel free to leave me any advice or comments on this very important post.  I am just another Mom trying to do what I think is best.  I appreciate and would love any advice and helpful hints, parent to parent.

Thanks for stopping by!  WISH US LUCK!!!

Naked booty…gettin’ in some quality bathroom time :)

6 Responses to Jake’s Triple Threat! {4.9.13}

  • Good luck linds. I am excited for you guys. Sophia wanted a big bed at about 1 1/2 yrs old. We skipped the whole toddler bed and bought her a full size since we like o cuddle with her. I still have to shake Sophia of her bottle and as far as potty training I am in the same boat. As I said good luck and I am excited to read about how this weekend goes. Love your cuzin Kate

    • Thanks cuz!! I appreciate the encouragement..I have a feeling we’ll need it. But I’m excited to see how this all goes :) These are the moments where parenthood may be a bigger challenge than expected, but gotta face them! I’ll let you know how it all goes! MISS YOU!!! Kisses to my niecey!

  • Good Luck You are a fine Mom and you guys are great parents. You have wonderful children and they are fortunate. I hope Mom and I can have a positive impact on them as the years roll on. They are a delight to be around. Love and God Bless your family.

    • Dad, thank you. That was a really touching comment. We appreciate your encouragement and nice words as well. You and Mom are great Grandparents and we’re excited to see what the next years have in store for Jake and Finnley, having both of you by their side…especially in times like these.

  • You guys are doing great. We hit all the same issues at the same time with Abi. Abi started butting her pacifiers so we had her throw them away one at a time and when the last one got thrown away she was done. I had a friend who took her son to target and he had to swap a pacifier for a small toy. He had him leave it right there. She didn’t care, he was willing to give it up. So each one slowly was replaced. We also put both the girls by about 18 months into twin beds. We put a rail on the side for training them not to roll out. But we wanted to save on the cost down the road so we just jumped straight into a big bed. We also put a gate up at the stairs and at the door to their room for awhile since I didn’t want them wandering thru the night if they got the urge to get out of bed. Potty training, well to each his own and to each kid his own timing. Remember motto feel pressured boys normally take longer than girls but treats and rewards tend to work. We never did pull ups because I think it confused rory so we just big girl panties and were always prepared for accidents. I always had several extra outfits in ziplock in the car. I would put wet clothes in the ziplock once they were changed. Good luck. You guys are doing good!!!!

    • Peris, this is awesome. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. It helps to know how other people went through the same things that I’m (we’re) going through right now. Makes me feel like there’s hope and that I’m not alone. I have heard of the different ways of getting rid of the pacifier and both of those ways seem very positive and successful. I’m just not sure how it’s going to go. I’m nervous about that one. Just today, this morning, he cried at the top of his lungs (for 15 mins) because I wouldn’t give it to him until he went down for a nap. He was in a world of his own, he had cried so hard about it. I talked to him about why I wasn’t giving it to him and he seemed to understand but still didn’t like the reason and it kills me! I think we’ll try cutting them and see what he thinks…then go from there.
      But, anyway, I really appreciate the advice, comments and relations to what I’m going through!! Thank you!! The toddler bed idea is a great idea, as he will be growing out of his crib pretty soon. We are just going to get that mesh rail that attaches to the crib and take off the front railing. We’ll see how he does with that. All these changes! It’s crazy to think how fast it’s all going. Now I can somewhat relate to what you’ve been through…it’s a never ending progression of lessons, learning, maturing, growing, etc. You’re doing great too!

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