Jake’s Potty Training update :) {5.23.13}

Well, as I stated in Jake’s Triple Threat, this whole process wasn’t going to be an easy one as these 3 tasks are BIG DEALS.  I’m proud to say however, we are on our way and it’s all going as smooth as we make it.

Because of everything going on in our busy lives, every most parents (and non-parents) know how important it is to be consistent.  If there is an important task at hand that is going to be drawn out over the span of a couple days or even months, you can imagine how incredibly important it is to be consistent and persistent.  It has been about a month and I have kept the same attitude and “rules & incentives” for Jake as I set on day one…with potty training that is.  If I slip for just ONE DAY, it’s over.  All hard work put in up to that point can be considered wasted.  Kids aren’t stupid!  If you slip, they will revert back to that time that you “let them” wear a diaper because you were lazy, or didn’t have time, or didn’t want to deal with an accident while you were out to dinner or at a friends’ house, OR whatever the reason!  Once it comes to that, it’s extremely difficult to go back to “strict training.”  So, as you can imagine, it’s so important to stay on track, consistent and focused…no matter the situation.  That’s difficult to do, folks!!!  Life happens in the meantime!  It’s not like this is the only thing we have going on in our lives…but we have to make it seem that way, in this particular situation, for Jake’s sake.



He’s done really well up to this point!  My Mom got him a star chart for the downstairs bathroom so he can put a star on his board every time he goes potty.  He loves it!!  Thanks Mom.  It’s #2 that’s the tricky part.  Most Mom’s I’ve talked to say this is the usual circumstance during potty training though, so it’s just something that will come with time.  Well, after many, many accidents in every possible place, at every inopportune time, Jake finally went poo-poo in the potty!  Let me back up for a second and just say that never once did I (or Matt) get mad or upset at Jake for his accidents in his “big boy underwear, or skivvies.”  He knew when he had an accident because you could see it on his face.  But either way, this entire process isn’t easy for any of us, especially the child.  They need to feel as comforted as possible during big changes like these and that’s exactly how we tried to make him feel and are still working at right now.

Star chart!

Star chart!

Daddy helping him go in the bushes... Gotta do what you gotta do!  Boys!!

Daddy helping him go in the bushes… Gotta do what you gotta do! Boys!!

We are ecstatic for Jake going #2 on the potty yesterday!!!!!  We were outside on the patio riding bikes and he was in the middle of telling em something and he just got up off his trike and ran inside and started doing circles on the tile in the kitchen.  He was naked at the time.  I came inside and knew exactly what was happening.  I ran him to the potty, right down the hall and sat him on his little toilet and said, “Ok Jake, just go ahead and go poo-poo, I’ll leave you alone and let you have your privacy and do your business.”  I shut the door and walked down the hall.  I waited 2 minutes and came back and he was emptying it into the big potty.  I couldn’t believe it!!!  He really just sat there for once and did it!

My BIG BOY!  So proud!!!

My BIG BOY! So proud!!!

I screamed and yelled and threw him a big party!  I served him up a bowl of ice cream with vanilla wafers and busted out the BIG swirly sucker that we’ve been keeping for this very moment!  I tried to make him feel as special as possible.  I just kept hugging him and telling him how proud of him I was.  We even called Daddy at work!  I had Jake tell him on speaker what he did and he was all smiles telling Dadda.  It was a really cool moment for all of us!  I suppose if you’re not a parent maybe you don’t know the true feeling of this milestone, but it’s huge.  I’m sure if you’re reading this, you do though.

Anyway, so that’s our update and we are moving forward hoping that he continues to poop on the potty from here on out.  I’m sure there will be several accidents here and there along the way though.  Expectedly!!  We are proud of both of our children and can’t believe that we’re even going through this in the first place.  These moments and milestones in parenting in the last 2 1/2 years have really opened my eyes to how rad it is to be a Mother, but even more so…Jake and Finnley’s Mom.  It’s pretty cool.

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