Be My Valentine! {1.13.13}


Well, this year I kind of got into Valentine’s Day a little early.  Like a month early!  I usually don’t even really decorate for Valentine’s Day but I felt inspired this year for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I have a little girl.  Awwweee!  And after browsing Pinterest one late night in bed, I found a few fun projects that looked relatively cheap to make and super fun and cute!  I’m all about AFFORDABLE, STYLISH and CHIC!  So, I decorated a burlap wreath I had previously decorated for Thanksgiving but just took the “Harvest decor” off of it and transformed it into a cute little Valentine wreath.  Having burlap as a background or base is the best!  It’s got great texture, is neutral, chic and has a fun country, vintage feel.  My favorite!!  My other project is a Valentine banner that hangs from my mantle.  Of course, made out of burlap as well.  Gotta keep the theme going but not over do it.  I will have to Pin these to my Pinterest page soon :)

So for the wreath, as I stated before, I already had wrapped a wire wreath with burlap ribbon to have a wreath for the holidays.  Super simple.  Just take a whole spool of burlap (Michaels) and intertwine it through the wire frame, weaving in and out and bunching it as you go.  It will take the entire roll of burlap to do this because you’re bunching it, making it full, but the result is fab.  So, I have my burlap wreath and I just found some cute Valentine’s Day ribbon and a few little decorations to spruce it up.  That’s it!  I didn’t even glue anything.  Burlap is sturdy so I kind of just placed my decorations in the creases of the folds of the burlap and there you have it!  This way, you can re-decorate your wreath all year long!  Saves you time and money on making multiple wreaths.  Plus, I always like to change things up, so I’m pretty sure that the next year I would want a different wreath anyway.  Change is good.  To me, it feels like a completely different wreath than before…refreshing and new.

Cupid’s Valentine Wreath

As for the Valentine banner, I was actually quite impressed and happy with the way it turned out!  I got inspiration from a picture on Pinterest of a burlap banner with hearts on it.  I twisted the idea and made it unique to me.

First I sifted through all of my craft paper and luckily I had all the paper I needed :)  No need to buy any cute Valentine paper (had to talk myself out of it) if I already have something that will work!  Next I pulled out my supplies!  All I needed for this project was:

  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun with one stick
  • Glitter puffy paint (optional)
  • Letters
  • Paint (if you don’t like natural wood)


Scrapbook paper

I already had most of my supplies, so one quick, easy trip to Michaels it was.  I first decided what phrase I wanted to use on my banner, so I knew how many little burlap flags to cut out.  The number is 13.  I cut them all out.  Use sharp scissors~ burlap can fall apart easily and fray if you don’t use sharp tools.

Burlap flags

Next, I cut out the shape of a heart (the size I wanted) the old school way.  Folding a piece of paper in half and then cutting a half heart on the fold…remember doing that?  I was surprised I remembered that.  Maybe it was from teaching and the E.S.S. days.  Who knows.  So I got my heart then I stenciled out the number I needed from the scrapbook paper that I had.  I had 4 different styles of paper and wanted to spell out BE MY VALENTINE.  I chose that because mantles are usually long so you need more letters than just “BE MINE” or “LOVE” etc…otherwise it will hang too short.  Make sure to measure the mantle (or where ever you are going to hang your banner) with ribbon (or whatever you want) to see how much ribbon you will be using and how you will space out your flags on your strip of ribbon for hanging your banner.

Glue flags onto ribbon

I traced my hearts and cut them out.  I had 4 different styles of Scrapbook paper so I made sure to trace an even amount of hearts on each piece of paper so I had a variety of them.  Once I cut out all my hearts, I glued them onto the flags one by one with Mod Podge (it’s the best!).  Then I added a little touch by puffy painting (outlining) around each heart so they stood out on the flags a little better :D  It gave them just the pop they needed!

Glitter puffy-paint outlined heart

After the puffy paint was dry, I turned over my flags and hot glued a thin strip across the top of each one and glued them to the long piece of ribbon, one by one.  As I had measured before, I knew that I was going to evenly space them about an inch apart from each other.  Then, voila!!  I had a cute, chic Valentine banner!  I was happily surprised with the way it turned out!  I liked it so much that I went back and forth with whether or not I still wanted to glue on the letters :)  But I ended up doing it and am happy I did.

Almost finished!

So, I painted each letter white so they stood out on each of the hearts on the banner.  I then hot glued a little dot on the back of each letter and glued them onto the banner.  If I didn’t like the letters, I was going to take them off…hence, the reason I only used a little bit of glue.  After all, a little bit is all I needed anyway.  Then I hung it once again.  Now, it was complete!


Oh…I also made sure to give myself a little bit of extra ribbon to work with after measuring it, so I had room to tape it to the mantle.  There was about 2 extra inches of ribbon on each side of the banner.  Once I taped it, I added two little red bows on the ends just as a finishing touch.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  It was my first!  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


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