The Baby Exchange

I have created a Group on Facebook called The Baby Exchange.  Its purpose is for Mommy’s, or anyone interested in selling or exchanging baby items, to use as a helpful tool in selling/exchanging baby items.  I originally wanted to start this Group because I personally know a lot of people who have babies or kids that are looking to sell clothes, shoes and other big items such as swings, bumbo’s, pack and plays and even cribs.  I wanted to help them out in more ways than one.  So I started a group with just 83 members in hopes it will grow over the course of time.  The more members, the more items posted and therefore resulting in hopefully a successful exchange among friends.  Aren’t we all looking for deals and steals?

Please visit the link below if you are interested:

I am trying this out in hopes it’s a successful way for people to buy and sell baby items.  Having a baby isn’t cheap and raising them isn’t either, especially if you have multiple babies/kids!  Why not participate in the exchange of items amongst other Mom friends (and Daddy friends) through this Facebook page?!  It could be just the difference you’re looking for :)

Please let me know of any questions or suggestions you may have for me.  I am open to it ALL!  I am novice at all of this and just thought, why not stick my neck out there and give it a try.  Just like I’m doing with this blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

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