Hey!  My name is Lindsey and I am currently a stay-at-home Mom who loves her family more than anything in the world!  I’m still getting used to staying at home with my two babies and not leaving, to go off to work 5 days a week.  Although it’s an adjustment, it is the greatest privilege in the world.  I feel so damn lucky to be in this position and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  If you’re a stay-at-home Mom (or not) I’m sure you can relate to all of the trials and tribulations of this lifestyle.  It’s crazy at times, but again, how many Mom’s get the chance to stay at home and raise their children?!  It’s an honor and I am so grateful that my husband can allow for this to happen.  He works harder than any man I know and I know it’s just to keep me in the position I’m currently in and to be able to support a family of four!

So, a not so quick run-down of my story and how I’ve gotten to this place…this blogging world.  My husband Matt and I actually met in middle school, dated for like 9 hours when we were in 6th grade (he broke up with me at the ice skating rink that Friday night because I brought my brothers’ mint binaca with me and it freaked him out).  He thought I was moving too fast for him so he quickly broke up with me.  Oh well I guess.  I ended up with him in the end…years down the road and so unexpectedly.

Anyway,  so Matt and I were just friends all throughout middle school and high school and had the same friends (guys/girls the whole bit).  Needless to say, we know each other pretty well.  We ended up moving in together as friends in 1999 with another friend of ours.  It was our first apartment and was a total bachelor pad.  We had the time of our lives and this is really where it all began.  We ended up becoming so close (the bestest of friends) that we fell madly in love with each other, I think a lot sooner than we both realized.

Our early 20′s. Best friends

Either way, we got together and dated for about 7 years until we got engaged in November of 2007.  He surprised me at my work, Karl Strauss Brewing Company in Carlsbad CA.  I will never forget that moment for as long as I live.  He sat down in my section…everyone working that night knew about it.  He ordered a double tall, stiff as hell, jack and coke and by the time I came back to take his food order, he was expressing his love for me and got down on one knee at table 406 in the middle of the dinner rush.  I was so shocked and overcome with so many emotions and was shaking…I remember kneeling down and just hugging him so tight, I didn’t even have the ring on my finger yet!  What a moment.  He then surprised me with about 100 of our closest friends and family members that were all so patiently awaiting our arrival, just next door at the Grand Pacific Palisades Ballroom, just next door.  What a sneak!!!  It was the hugest surprise anyone has ever given me and I was truly and honestly surprised.  Had no idea this was coming.  One of the best moments of my life.

So, like I said earlier, everyone I was working with that night was in on the proposal and had cameras to snap the moment and managers had scheduled other servers to come in and cover the rest of my shift, etc.  It was amazing…all of the work he put in to this moment.  I mean, this is one of the hugest moments in a mans life, and also the scariest!  He later said that he hadn’t slept in weeks.  Poor guy!!  Anyway, needless to say we all got real drunk that night, had many laughs, toasts, cries and the whole bit.  I think we ate somewhere in the night too… Anyway, that was fun reminiscing on that.  So the next year, on August 30th 2008, we got married.  It was a beautiful day and up to that day, it was so much fun planning our wedding.  With the help of my greatest girlfriends, Matt, my Mom and my Mother-in-law, we planned the most beautiful wedding at Los Willows in Fallbrook CA.  It was perfect.  That was the best day of my life…until I had my children.

I thee wed to the LOVE of my life!

8/30/2008 One big PARTY we’ll never forget

In between the engagement and the wedding, we got our first (and only…to this day) pup!

Whiskey Boots!




My sweet dogger

We rescued her from Helen Woodward Animal Shelter.  I will never forget walking into that place and only having a few minutes before I had to get back home so I could leave for work.  We found her in this outside cage, alone, and was the cutest most lovable puppy ever!!  Her name was Acorn but we changed that up real quick.  Matt drove me home, I changed and left for work and told him to hurry up and go back and get her!!!  They were closing in an hour, you know, the whole mess…there was another bratty girl with her grandmother that was there eying her out and begging for her and Matt had said that we almost didn’t get her.  Ahhh!!  How our life would be so much different if not!  So, needless to say, he paid $200, signed a piece of paper and was outta there!  I couldn’t get out of my waitressing shift fast enough.  I couldn’t wait to get home to see her and cuddle her!  We named her Whiskey Boots that night.  She is a boxer mix (so they say) but is a total mutt with mix markings of ridgeback and boxer, beagle and maybe even a little german shepherd.  She was such a fun little pup and now she’s 5 years old and such a huge part f our family.  HUGE.  And now we have 2 kids and she feels like the red-headed step child…poor Whiskey!!  We really do love you bebe!!!

At the park.
Whiskey- 2 yrs. old

So I got married in 2008 and we traveled and screwed around a little bit.  Drank a lot of alcohol, went to parties, smoked a lot of cigarettes, made bad decisions, made good decisions, made memories, made great friends, kept great friends and laughed…a lot.  We didn’t have all the money in the world to travel to the big places that are on our list, but we will one day.  We were living in Rancho Bernardo at the time of the engagement, wedding, rescuing Whiskey and my first pregnancy.  We got pregnant with our first child in 2010 and had our first born baby boy on November 4th, 2010.

8.5 months pregnant

We named him Jake Howard Simpson.  His first and middle names being after both of his maternal grandfathers (my Mom’s Dad and Matt’s Mom’s Dad).  Pretty cool name if I must say so myself.  And a pretty cool kid too.  We are IN LOVE with him!!  And before his 1st birthday hit, we were already pregnant with our 2nd child.  We soon found out it was going to be a girl…and her name will be Finnley.  We couldn’t figure out what her middle name was going to be for the looooongest time!  We couldn’t agree on a middle name until she actually came out!  It was in the delivery room and we both said that we liked Jay as her middle name.  It was a beautiful summer day…it was actually Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year.  June 20th, 2012 and I just remember it being so beautiful outside.  Both Finnley and Jake were born at exactly the same time on the minute hand.  Jake being 13:56 in the afternoon and Finnley at 18:56 in the evening.  I think some tattoos are in order here pretty soon.  We keep talking about when we’re going to get another tattoo together…it’s just a matter of getting a sitter, and the time, and the money, and the courage…you know.  Just doing it!

Anyway, so yeah, we were living in Rancho Bernardo and decided that our home wasn’t getting any bigger now that we had a crawler!  Jake was getting bigger, Whiskey was really wanting a backyard to play in and I was really torn as to what to do or where to move.  I loved my little condo!  And we had a killer deal on rent!  We lived there for 4 years and made so many crazy, wonderful memories there…but I guess it was time to move.  Matt felt the same way as I did, it was hard for both of us to leave.  But he was commuting 3 days a week to his job up in Temecula, CA so it only made sense that we checked out some homes up there.  And…of course we fell in love with how much house we could get for the money!  Wow.  Huge difference from what was affordable, or in our price range in RB.  You’d pay well over $600,000 for a home like ours in RB…but it’s in Temecula, only a small difference.  NOT!  We ended up finding a beautiful, 2600 sq.ft home in Temecula, in August of 2011 and we moved.  It was such a difficult decision for us!  We went back and forth for several months as to whether or not we thought we were really going to be happy in Temecula. It was just so far away from our families and our bestest friends!  We see our friends a lot, so it was a big decision.  Well, just to let you know, Temecula is only 30 miles North of where we were living in RB…not that far at all…  But it has definitely been a change.  But aren’t we all going through a little bit of change?  I mean, now that most of us are either married, engaged, have kids, or whatever the hell we’ve got going on…it’s just different now that we’re older and our priorities have changed.  Kids change EVERYTHING!  For the better, of course.  It’s just that we have to do what’s right for us.  And that was, first, to get a bigger home.  We had the down payment, the good credit to do so and so we did.  To this day, I don’t regret our decision.  I love our home.  Also, to this day, it has been the biggest adjustment of our lives…just having 2 kids is a major adjustment compared to how Matt and I lived before them.  I laugh at how different our Friday and Saturday nights are spent now…  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So, in a nut shell (a big ass nut), that’s my story and here I am.  A stay-at-home Mom, with Jake, Finnley and Whiskey and loving every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute.   I’d be lying if I told you that this Mom stuff is easy.  It’s not easy at all!  But it is definitely the most rewarding role I’ve ever played and ever will.  I thought being an elementary school E.S.S. mentor was rewarding, and it most definitely was.  But actually seeing your own children grow within the domain that you provide and within the means that you are living is honestly quite rewarding.  Challenging too!  There are so many times that I really have no clue what I’m doing, but I do it.  And for the most part, I feel as though I’m damn successful!   At the end of the day, my kids are healthy, happy, well-behaved, smart, loving, respectful and are full of so much curiousness, joy and laughter.  I mean, that’s what life is all about, right?  There’s a different kind of love when it comes to your own children, and like I said before, I couldn’t be more grateful for this position that I’m in.



So, in August of 2012, I decided that I should probably start a blog or some sort of online outlet where my friends and family can see what’s going on in our Temecula lives.  Haha…  I take so many pictures and write so many e-mails all the time, I figure, if a friend of mine just wants to check in on me, the kids, Matt or Whiskey, but doesn’t necessarily have the time to chat or feel like texting or e-mailing or whatever…they can just cruise on over to my cute and fun little blog online and see what’s new!  You stalker!!!  Just kiddin’.  But in all seriousness, why not?!  I love to write about my kids and love taking photos of them and with them.  I boast about my husband because he’s my husband and best friend and I love him more than anything in the entire world!  I absolutely LOVE to eat and try to cook/bake and make new things that I find via: recipes on Pinterest.  …So that would be another fun thing to post about on a blog.  I am absolutely obsessed with Crossfit and can pretty much guarantee that you will find great humor in some of my posts about that.  And lets see… Crafting!  Yes, how can I leave that out.  It’s one of my favorite things to do…when the kids are asleep or napping that is.  Unlike this blog post right now.  Finnley is passed out from a milk coma on the couch and Jake is watching his favorite show, Sesame Street,  I am typing as fast as I can, so forgive me if this “About” page is nothing but a RAMBLE!!

Anyway, there are so many reasons why I’m starting this blog and I just hope you’ll stop by regularly to see what’s going on and new in our fun and adventurous lives.  I’d like to think that my life is full and so abundant that I can barely handle what I’m already given, but for some reason I continue to pack on extra sh*t all the time.  I have no explanation for this.  I do love being a busy person (can’t stand boredom, which is where crafting and baking come in handy and keep me extra busy when my kids are off doing other things) but I think my definition of busy can be translated to one person’s definition of havoc, mayhem, or just flat out crazy!  I don’t know why I am the way I am, but it works and my kids and my husband and my friends and family still love me, (for the most part anyway) so I must be doing something right!   Either way, I’m having fun and I’m pleased to share my crazy, beautiful, fun, adventurous, delicious love for life with YOU!  Thanks for reading this.  You’re presence is awesome and your time is appreciated!  Much love!!!

Our little family


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