45 Day Paleolithic Challenge DONE! {12.21.12}


Wow!  I am a little behind on my posts, but I am still getting used to this blogging world!  Bear with me here…I will get better at this.  I’m coming back to give our results from our 45 day Paleo challenge!  It seems as though it went by reeeeeallllly slow in the beginning, like so slow.  I thought after a week, “how am I really going to ever make it through this shit?!”  But at the same time, now looking back, I feel as though…it was only 45 days!  45 DAYS of my life!  That’s it!  We were being told that this challenge would change our lives, and it surely did.  Weird to say (or hear) but it’s true.  When you think about something in a different light you can truly make anything happen.

Anyway, we made it through.  Matt RARELY cheats on things like this.  Once he has his mind set, he’s focused and extremely determined.  Me on the other hand, well I don’t get into anything as intensely as he does until I’m about a week into it and decide which way I’m going to go.  Hahaha!  It’s the truth.  Wish I was as strong as he is!

So, to sum it all up, we had the best support along the way, the entire journey.  Eric, our coach, set up an online FB account where people participating in the challenge post their meals and snacks.  Basically where you go to post everything you had to eat that day and while doing so, you get to see what everyone else has posted throughout the day and it also keeps you held accountable.  You don’t want to post a picture of something you’re not proud of eating…so you rarely eat things you’re not supposed to!  It was a good way to keep the motivation going.

When participating in such a strict and long challenge, it is best to do it with others that you are normally in contact with so you can discuss your strengths and weaknesses together and try to dominate the challenge together as a team!  I not only had Matt by my side, but about 30 other people as well.  It is not easy eating so CLEAN.  You would think it should be, but even something as simple as beans are a no, no.  I will speak for myself when I say that it was difficult adjusting to eating almond butter versus peanut, or almond milk over regular milk or half & half.  Your coffee is forever changed!!!  Oh well, you get used to it.  Then once you go back to milk for a second, it tastes heavenly!!!!  Haha.  I’m just a HUGE milk drinker, so that part was tough.  Oh and cheese!  All things dairy pretty much.

Anyway, we ended up doing pretty well!  Surprisingly so!  Matt lost about 13 lbs. and 6 inches and I lost about 14 lbs and 6 inches.  We did about the same and are so happy with our results!  Matt’s before and after picts are amazing!!  I didn’t take my shirt off (sports bra only) because I wasn’t ready for that step.  Maybe by the next challenge :)  Some people gained weight (as in muscle) because we all Crossfit anywhere from 3-6 days a week.  So, it’s easy to pack on the muscle.  I’m all for it!  Strong is the new beautiful.  BELIEVE IT!  Some people stayed the same but lost inches around their waist or saw new muscle definition in their back or arm muscles.

Either way, whether you are doing a 7 day cleanse or a 45 day challenge, I realized one important thing… it’s so much easier to conquer when you have positive support and other people (just like you), going through the same challenges.  It helps to know that you’re not alone and that craving for cheese, or a breakfast burrito, or pizza or DESSERT is all normal and you can get through it!  I had wine at dinner a time or two (or twenty).  It’s just a matter of how bad you want it.  Really!  It all comes down to re-convincing yourself of why you are doing this in the first place…  You too can do it!

Matt.  Front view. Day 1 / Day 45  He did a little man-scaping and trimming and definitely toned up those abs.

Matt.  Side view.  Day 1 / Day 45.  I notice new definition in his arms and back and abs for sure.

Lindsey.  Side view.  You can’t SEE a huge difference but I can feel the difference in my butt, thighs and arms.

So proud of this first effort at eating clean while mixing it with huge dedication and working out!  Looking forward to another challenge!  There will be one coming up in January.  It’s a 21 day sugar detox/cleanse.


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