45 Day Paleo Challenge {11.16.12}

So Matt and I have been a part of Crossfit for about 3 months now.  We both are already seeing dramatic results in each others’ physique which makes us want to work even harder.  Part of this transformation is having a healthy diet as well.  Matt and I started eating really well during my second pregnancy.  We wanted to eat healthy and maintain a good weight.  For Matt, he wanted to lose weight before the baby came.  So, in an attempt to do so, we ate breakfast and dinner together at home 5 days a week.  We were on our own for lunch.  I know that once Matt is on any kind of “kick” whether it be a health kick or some other lifestyle change, he is gung ho!  He managed to stay on track and actually lose a bunch of weight before our daughter was born.  So stoked for him and his great accomplishment!  Then we joined Crossfit and things got even more serious.

Exactly 3 weeks ago, we both decided to jump on board for “The 45 Day All About YOU Paleo Challenge.”  BBCF does it every so often and it’s basically a great way to detox, reset your metabolism, eat fresh and healthy and ultimately make better eating decisions.  It is an attempt to eat “clean.”  I mean, really clean.  Matt and I tried to eat Paleo a couple of years ago and didn’t really take it seriously but now that we’re trying it again, we are most definitely doing our best!  A lot of it is our determination and new outlook on health and nutrition.  Another big part of our success is being held accountable!  Everyone participating in the challenge is encouraged to post their food intake daily, whether your choices are bad or not.  It’s nice to see everyone’s posts and it gives everyone participating a motivational boost, seeing and hearing what others are experiencing.  We are all going through the same things and it’s a great way to build stronger relationships as well.  It’s not easy eating meat and eggs for every breakfast!!  Posting about it helps.  I am just not a fan of eating so much meat all the time.  It’s carnivorous.  But, at the same time, I understand the purpose and am embracing the diet.  I started it and I’m finishing it!!!

The Paleo lifestyle is not an easy one to follow if you’re not used to consuming large amounts of protein on a daily basis.  Eating “Paleo” or the Paleolithic Diet, or the Caveman Diet; consists of foods that the “Cavemen” ate, such as lean meats, fish, vegetables, berries, some fruits, seeds, nuts and healthy fats like avocado.  That’s it!  Not too bad, eh?  Well no, it’s not too bad but it sure is tough to stick with it for 45 days when you’re used to having things like milk and carbohydrates in your everyday diet!  I love my milk, and dairy products like yogurt and cheese…that will never change.  I am a firm believer that consuming things in moderation is indeed a healthy lifestyle.  I definitely can’t see myself living a 100% Paleo lifestyle but I am going to finish this challenge and do the best that I can do!  So far I feel I’ve done GREAT!  I have been 90% strict and that’s 90% more than I thought I’d be.  The fist 3 days I went strong, then I wanted to quit.  My sugar and dairy devils were screaming at me on my shoulder!!!  This is tough, but no one said it was going to be a breeze.  It hasn’t gotten easier, I’ve just learned to deal with it better.

This challenge (only being 3 weeks in) has definitely opened my eyes and broadened my perspective on foods that aren’t good for me and I find myself making conscious, healthy food choices everyday.  I surprisingly have been able to fend off the sugar demons inside my head and it pays off when I hit the scale in the morning.  That’s where the motivation kicks in.  Makes me want to work even harder the next day!  I hope this feeling sticks with me for life.  I am happy about participating in this challenge and hope that the end all results are as positive as I can hope they will be…considering my cheat days where I when on black-out sugar binges.   But, I’ve also got to consider my consistency with working out 5 days a week too.  That’s got to be doing something!  Well, before the Challenge started, we were measured and weighed…so, as Eric says, “Barbells don’t lie and scales don’t lie…people do.”

The following link was posted by representatives at BBCF and are great introductions to Paleo and how it works and why it works and what it can do for your body.


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