Crossfit, my new found love {10.31.12}


Oh Crossfit…how I love thee!  So, I’ll get straight to the point.  I had my second baby in June of 2012 and was eager to get back into shape, so after about 8 or 9 weeks after the baby came, on August 21st, I joined BoomBOX Crossfit.  It was recommended by a few of our friends up here who live and die by it.  They kept saying how much I’ll love it and that it’s nothing like the gym…which I was terrible at.  All the times I had a gym membership, which was on and off for about 15 years, I rarely went.  But when I did, it was a serious waste of time.  I never worked out correctly and there were so many posers all over the place…always!!  It’s so annoying.  Do you really need to wear your sunglasses while working out?  

Needless to say, I fell in love with Crossfit before I was even done with my first WOD (Workout Of the Day).  I left the place so excited to come back the next day.  It’s incomparable to the gym or any other workout or at-home video, in my experiences anyway and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join.

When Matt got home that night, I couldn’t stop telling him about it and how much he would love it.  It’s so addicting!!!  So, he joined the week after I did and we have been die hards ever since.  It’s what we look forward to and depend on to jump start our day!  But more than that, BoomBOX Crossfit (BBCF) in specific, is a “family.”  It really is.  I can say that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like this about other boxes.

BoomBox Crossfit is fueled off of three main concepts (or C’s):  Commitment, Community and Camaraderie.  With those 3 C’s, reaching our goals aren’t only attainable but also limitless.  I am surprised at half of the things I have accomplished already!  It’s an amazing feeling and I want more!!


BBCF has a running club that meets every Thursday night at 7:15.  Matt and I tend to switch off who gets to go, considering we can’t both run due to one having to stay with the kids…That’s an entirely other story.  One of us will stay back and hang with the munchkins and cheer on the other.  If any of you know me, you know how much I absolutely hate running.  Which is why I show up.  I don’t want to become a runner by any means.  I don’t want to necessarily be a better runner.  All I want is to lose weight, (obvi) and be able to run without feeling like I’m going to die…period.  Whether it’s around the block or being able to finish a 5K (something I never thought possible…like ever) it’s a goal that I’d love to see myself attain.  I’ve never liked to run because I for one, am big chested and those suckers are heavy to lug around on a run.  Secondly, I get hot in the face, my ears pop/hurt and my lungs feel like they’re collapsing after about 2 minutes in.  It’s just not my thing.  BUT, if I keep showing up like I do, I’m confident I will: lose the weight, be able to run (or at least jog) like a normal person and accomplish that goal of running that 5K UNBROKEN.  Without stopping people!!!  This is unheard of.

The other night, my 3rd night coming to running club, Matt, Jake and Finnley came to cheer me on (as it was my night to run).  Eric (BBCF Owner/Operator and extraordinary Coach) informed us of our running drill for the evening.  Simple.  Just run 2 miles.  Unbroken.  Then you’re done.  WHAT?!?!  Those words aren’t even in my vocabulary!  2 miles, unbroken?!  I immediately started thinking of ways to get out of it or hide at some half way point so I didn’t embarrass myself and come in last because I took 15 walking breaks.  Oh boy.  What did I get myself into!?  This was gonna suck.  I can’t be the only one who SUCKS!?!  Well, that would’ve been true if I had stopped and walked because NO ONE ELSE DID.  So I ran and kept running…and running…and running for 2 freeking miles!  I got to a point on the backside of mile one where I thought to myself that I could possibly do this.  Well, I did.  I kept a moderate to slow pace with my friend Courtney (who started the same day as I) and we did it!  Stoked!!!  I did this!!!!  I can’t even express what it meant to me…yeah, 2 measly miles.  You’re probably laughing, but it’s a milestone for me and truthfully, the happiest moment in workout history for me.

Speaking of creating personal record’s or PR’s, I feel like every day at BBCF is record breaking for me.  I am constantly surprising myself and that feeling will never get old.  Ever.  Just when you think you’ve pushed yourself as far as you think you can go…you push harder and you get through it.  It’s such a rush!  Doing it together with Matt is a total bonus too.  Although we work out at different times, it’s a major topic discussed on the regular.  It’s brought up multiple times a day, whether we’re discussing how sore we are or just bragging about our WOD times.  Haha.

Being a BBCF member doesn’t only feel good, it’s helping us look good too; mentally, physically and emotionally.  Eric prides himself off being in the gym 8 days a week and seeing his members transform into the people they want to become.  Whether it’s a physical body transformation or a transformation of the mind, your spirit, way of life or attitude.  Crossfit is multi faceted and BBCF keeps you held accountable…one of the major differences from the gym.  I feel like this type of workout is exactly what I’ve been missing in my life and I couldn’t be any more stoked on it.  It’s a tremendous outlet!

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