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Sick as a dog! {1.22.14}

Who’s got time to be sick??  I know I don’t!  Whatever this is going around I believe EVERYONE I know has had it or has it or is definitely gonna get it!  (I truly hope not…because it’s awful)!  Ok, enough of the negative rant…but really, who has the time for this?  It’s brutal and so darn consuming.

It started in early January with Finn, then she passed it on to Jake then Matt and now I’ve had it for almost 2 weeks with no sign of relief :( Why is it that having a simple cold makes you feel like you are dying?  I mean c’mon!  I suppose the worst part is having to take care of 2 children in the midst of it all.  If I didn’t have to tend to my children and make sure they were well fed, dressed and not getting into mischief, I believe this whole sickness would be about 60% less dramatic.  Wait…there is worse…I just forgot.  It’s when Mommy AND children are ALL sick together!!!  Haha.  How could I forget!

From hot Green Tea, EmergenC, to Vicks vapor rub and Kodine cough syrup…I think I give up?!  :(  I was coughing so hard the other day that I popped a blood vessel in my eye!  WTH!  This cold wins!  Hoping to be recovered by this weekend so I can attempt to kick ass in my Crossfit comp, but unfortunately it’s not looking too great.

Did you get the 2014 bug??  Anyone have any tips on kicking a cold quicker next time??  What remedies do you use??  The doctor said a teaspoon on HONEY every 3 hours… eeek.  I swear I’m sick once every 2-3 years so when it happens I feel lost almost!   I’d hate to endure this again any time soon.  And… so sorry for the annoying post that really doesn’t benefit anyone including myself.  I promise it’ll be my last :)

Take care of yourself!

New Year…New You! {1.3.14}

As we ring in the new year, we have decided as a family that there is no better time than now to live and think healthy!!  We want this new year to be our best year yet.  Having been a part of Crossfit for over a year now has put our lifestyle habits into great perspective and we have learned what habits work and which ones don’t.  It’s not easy defining and living a healthy lifestyle, especially with two kids and a crazy schedule.  But what I can say is that having a goal and wanting to change is the first step!  Change isn’t necessarily the answer if nothing needs change… Some people think that with each year, change needs to occur.  I feel that it’s not necessarily change that needs to occur, but growth.  With my 2014, I will seek both :)

Sweet Fifi

Sweet Fifi

Healthy living consists of many, MANY things.  There is the obvious which starts with more exercise, better eating and more sleep.  But also in my mind, one of the major important changes I need to make in my own routine is to rid myself of feeling like I have to always be “caught up”.  It’s exhausting!  I love being busy and productive and active, but when it becomes too much and life seems to feel stressful and overwhelming, those things start to interfere with the development of my true goals.  It’s time to let go of the things that don’t matter and to hang on tighter to the things that do.  That realization right there was a hard one to find…but once I discovered it, a huge weight was lifted.

My two boys.  My everything.

My two boys. My everything.

I want to be more active in what my kids are doing, or learning, or saying, or thinking or how they’re developing as little beings!!  I want to be more present and less distracted.  I want to live more simply.  This I understand, is all up to me.  I will do my best to start this year off working towards fulfilling these new lifestyle changes in hopes for a happier, healthier me.  A better wife, Mother, daughter, sister and friend :)

What are your 2014 wants?  Needs?  Changes?  Goals?  Resolutions?

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