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Spring Swimming Lessons! {6.18.13}

Gazing at the pool on his first day, in complete aweee...

Gazing at the pool on his first day, in complete aweee…

We just recently put Jake into swimming lessons for his first time.  We thought he was ready last year, but with being pregnant and all, I decided that this year would be better.  He has already had tons of exposure to the water, having been to the beach several times and pool days galore.  So, putting him in swim lessons was exciting for Matt and I, as we suspected he’d love it but also because we thought it was time he started due to all his exposure to the pool.

Through the Temecula news magazine that we receive monthly, I browsed through and found swimming lessons that are offered all over the place.  I decided to put him in a 2 week session that started in the Spring because I know that by summertime, it is going to be REALLY hot up here.  Plus, I thought it would be nice to get him in early, so throughout the summer we could work with him on all of the fun stuff he learned :)

So, it was M-F for 30 minutes each session.  We were lucky enough to have Daddy come watch a few times!!  Jake’s lessons were from 5-5:30, later in the day so it wasn’t too hot, while it was also something to look forward to for him.  From day one throughout the two weeks, Jake loved every second.  He just really enjoys being in the water!  Just like his Daddy and I.  My parents always say that during my childhood, I was in the water more than I was out.  Sounds like this could be the beginning for Jake.  Matt was the same way too.  Jake still inquires about lessons every once in a while and asks if we are going.  They’ve been over for a week.  I love that my kid enjoys the water!  Not all kids do, and that’s completely fine, it’s just that Matt and I really enjoy being at the pool and of course the beach, so it helps if your kid(s) like the same activities as well.

My little fish!

My little fish!

Lessons were “Parent & Me” so I was in the water with Jake every time.  It was a fun bonding experience with my buddy.  He thinks he can swim without me sometimes, but he quickly learned that he can’t.  We took the lessons just right down the street from our house at the Community Recreation Center (CRC).  The pool there is awesome!!!  It has a twisty water slide, like the ones at water parks.  So that’s kind of cool.  No high dive though.  Just a lower diving board.  I just remember going off the high-dive when I was about 5 (says my Mom) at the Mt. Carmel pool and getting out of the water to stand in line to do it over, and over, and over again.  It was a thrill!!!  And I was a thrill seeker too.  Haha.  What else is new!  Anyway, so the pool at CRC was cool; I’m happy to know that it’s just down the street from my house.  They opened up the water slide last week and run it throughout the summer.  Our swim instructor, Payton, said it’s $1 to come swim for 3 hours.  What a deal!!  Jake’s still not big enough for the water slide (40 inches- like most roller coasters or rides I assume), but I’m sure we’ll go over there a couple of times this summer for a pool day.  We have 5 pools in our community that we take advantage of, but it’s a different experience at the “swim lessons” pool.



So, we learned about 10 different skills over the 2 week span for Jake to learn.  By the second day, Payton had mentioned that Jake seems to have it all down pretty well and that she’s not worried about his skill progression.  Well that made me feel like $40 well spent right there!   We weren’t through the first week and Jake had mastered all skills.  Well in my eyes at least.  From then on, we sort of just treated his swim lessons as a bonding session for the both of us.  I made sure he showed me each skill before we messed around.  So he learned to float on his front and his back with arms out (with assistance), blow bubbles, crab walk on the wall, scoop and kick, hold on to the wall and push off to me (facing both forward and backward- that’s some trust right there), jump off the edge to me, dunking under water …and the biggie… retrieving toys that he sees with his eyes open under water.  He did MARVELOUS!  I love my boy, whether he does great or not-so-great at swimming lessons, it’s the experience that matters most.

I will definitely be taking him back there for his next lessons, or for lessons for Finnley as I was happy with the program and the cost as well.  At this young age, it’s not too serious, I’d just like to see that he knows how to swim in the event of an accident or emergency.  We will be working on this with both the kids until they know how to swim by themselves comfortably.  The tricks and other things (learning strokes) can come later if they’re interested.  For the Summer, we have gotten Jake a puddle jumper for the times he wants to swim freely in the water without us helping him.  Makes things a lot easier for us, if we want to hang in the water with Finnley too…

His cute little tan line... my absolute favorite toosh!

His cute little tan line… my absolute favorite toosh!

Next up for Jake will be Sports Camp in July!!!  We’re all really looking forward to that, as we all know how much Jake likes sports!!  Stay tuned!

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