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Sprint Triathlon in T-5 days!!

Not sure why this is, but neither Matt nor I are even remotely nervous for this event.  Ummmm, a little concerning, don’t cha think?  I usually get nervous about ANY big event we have coming up, whether it’s a good nervous, or an excited nervous, or a nervous-nervous!  As I’m thinking about it, I feel like we haven’t really been thinking about it too much, being the reason we aren’t getting psyched out for it.  What I can say is that I’m super excited!!!  I have my whole week planned out, as usual and therefore I know Sunday will come up quite quickly.  Eeeeee!!

Those of you who know me well, if you’re reading this, you know me well… you know that I have never in my life desired to participate in a Triathlon.  Neither has Matt.  We’ve definitely had fitness desires and goals, but never to do a Sprint Tri or Marathon or anything.  Thanks to BoomBOX Crossfit, we are completely inspired and motivated to do this thing, and finish it strong!!  Truly, we really just want to finish it together, that in itself will be a hell of an accomplishment for the both of us!  A quick run-down: a Sprint Triathlon is much smaller than a full Triathlon, otherwise we wouldn’t have signed up.

  • So it’s a 400 meter swim (1/4 mile) rectangular course, a 10 mile bike ride (2 big loops around Fiesta Island) and finishes with a 3 mile run (2 loop running course).

A year ago today, I would’ve never been singing this tune.  No kidding at all, I (personally- but I know Matt too) have gained a certain confidence with the engagement and continuous dedication at BBCF.  That’s not to say that I think I’m going to blow this Tri up, I’m just saying that I have confidence that I can finish it.  We work SO HARD in our weekly WOD’s and Speed & Endurance classes that I definitely think we’ve been through much more of an ass-beating in 4 out of 5 WOD’s than what we are about to endure in this Tri.  I could be sorely mistaken, but that’s my hunch.  So here we are, a week away from this thing and Matt and I have had several little conversations about how we think it’s going to go, what we’re going to wear and how we’re going to go about the whole thing, but in all actuality we’re just going to go about it with no plan.  However it all plays out will be the way it happens.  Like I said, we are just happy to be doing this TOGETHER as a couple and accomplishing this thing arm-in-arm.

No, I don’t have a tri-suit, I have spandex shorts, a bathing suit and a tank.  No, I don’t have a cyclist bike, I’ve got a mountain bike.  No, I don’t have cycling shoes.  YES, I have a bike helmet, running shoes and a great attitude!!  Oh and the BEST partner! Oh and also the BEST support!  BBCF will be representing down at the Triathlon as well, so feel free to come on by and hang out with all of us!  It’s Cinco de Mayo!  What else do you have going on?!  I mean, really….  Haha.  I’m sure you’ve got something in the works.  A few of our wonderful friends will be joining us in support as well!  And will be sticking around for the after party too, duh!  Can’t wait!!  Nothing like celebrating a strenuous swim/bike/run with a few beers and live music :)  I’m giving us an average of about 2 hours to complete the race, so we should be completely finished and changed by 10am for sure.  We’ll see if that happens…

I’ll try and remember to take some pictures so I can post them later when I give an update as to how it all went!  Fingers crossed for us please!!!  It’s our first time, so there’s no expectations except finishing.  Our coaches keep telling us that they think we’ll be surprised at how well we actually do.  So that’s reassuring for sure.  I think they just have a lot of confidence in us.  Hope I/we can represent BBCF right!  They deserve it!  We’re gonna definitely do what we can.  We’ve got the determination.  We’ve got the strength.  We’ve got the focus.  And we’ve surely got the HEART.  Hoping the nerves don’t kick in too extremely so I can feel as good as I do now, on race day :)

Update in a couple weeks.  Until then!!

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