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CABO or bust!!

Riu Palace- Cabo San Lucas

Riu Palace- Cabo San Lucas

UPDATE!!!  We’re going to Cabo!!!!!  I haven’t been this excited about a trip in a long time…in case you can’t tell!  Matt and I tried to go to Cabo on our honeymoon in September of 2008 but due to Hurricane Lowell, our cruise ship turned around the morning we were supposed to dock and headed over to our 2nd destination a day early.  I remember going to the top deck that morning to grab a coffee and I looked out and we were drifting away from the Island!  The hurricane prevented us from being able come in to the port safely and dock.  Total bust!  We have been wanting to explore in Mexico together so we are really excited about this trip!!  Honeymoon, phase 2!  Haha.  We still had an absolute BLAST together on our honeymoon, obvi, but it will just be nice to get to Cabo, once and for all :)

We are excited that we’re going with a group of friends we’ve never traveled with together, nevertheless been in Mexico with, so it makes it a different kind of fun and new.  We will be celebrating a 30th birthday (Mr. Andrew Carrillo) and a few others’ I think, as well as getting the best R & R we can get!  I’m just looking forward to sleeping in, eating when I want, drinking whatever and whenever I want, soaking up the rays with a bottle of Mexican beer in hand, sandy beaches, swim up bars, 24 hour room service, exploring with my hub…  I guess you can say I’m looking forward to a lot!

I think it goes without saying that Matt and I could really use a vacation.  It’s been a long year already and it’s only April.  I can’t wait to vacay with you babe!!  This will be a vacation we’ll never forget.  I can already imagine how much I’ll miss the kids, as I’ve never been away from either of them for this long (5 days), but I’m going to try and not think about that.  I need to think about all the times I say to myself, “I need a break!  I need a vacation!”  Once I remember that, I’m sure I’ll be just fine!  They will be in great hands with both sets of Grandparents :)

June 22nd can’t come soon enough!  Well, it sort of can…  We have someone’s BIG birthday celebration before we leave!  Miss Finnley is turning ONE the weekend before.  It is perfect timing.  We get to celebrate my sweet daughter turning one and cherish her, love on her and then exactly 6 days later get on a jet plane.  Jake is excited for Finnley’s birthday too.  It’s so cute!  Any time I buy something for her party he says, “That’s for Fifi’s party Mommy?  She’s so cutie.”  He loves her!  It’s the best.  Anyway, we have Finn’s party and before that we have a few other birthday celebrations , a Triathlon, a Wedding and a Mud Run…then we can go.  Wowzers.  I just looked at my calendar and instantly got stressed.  LOL.  Good thing I’m an obsessive organizer!  Hope I can keep this all straight….


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