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Ground Turkey Casserole {3.27.13}

Ground Turkey and Veggie Casserole

Recently we started another challenge through our BBCF family/community.  It’s the “Get Right For the Summer- 8 Week Challenge.”  It’s not necessarily a Paleo challenge, but rather eating and exercising right.  It feels good to be in charge of your health and to actually see a difference in how you feel when making healthy (and not-so-healthy) choices.  It is pretty impossible (for me) to make healthy food choices 100% of the time.  It just drives me nuts to be a complete health freak.  But I support those who can do it.  It’s just not me.

So for the 8 weeks, Matt and I really started off on the WRONG foot.  We knew it was coming though and it’s just that this challenge started a little too early for us.  So we started basically on week 2-3.  It’s fine.

One of the biggest ways for us to stay on track during the challenge is Continue reading

Spring has sprung! {3.19.13}

My Spring Goose…

Although we’re amongst one of my most favorite times of the year, Spring, we are also one day away from one of my favorite days of the year, Matt’s birthday!  All of you who know me well, know that I love throwing a great party.  This year, the month of March has got me hustling to get some major Spring cleaning done, due to our Spring agenda.  We’ve got Matt’s birthday on the 19th, a few other birthdays in between (3 to be exact) and Easter at the end of the month!  Although we’re only holding one of the events at our house, it’s still got me in major cleaning mode… and it feels SO good!!  Time to freshen up!

First thing’s first.  I went down to Home Depot and got some new bark/wood chips for our planters to freshen up and Continue reading

Tri City Open! {3.9.13}

Chelsea’s Run 5K- 3/2/13

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.  I don’t know who we think we are, but apparently our conscience does.  Recently Matt and I both decided that it would be a good idea to sign up for a Sprint Triathlon in May.  Yes, 2 months away.  Okie dokie!! Here we go!!  I just finished my first 5K (running for a great cause) at Chelsea’s Run down at Balboa Park, and next up are the Open Wod’s for the Crossfit Games.  Matt and I are committing to the next 5 Saturdays for competing in The Tri City Open.  This will be a great challenge for us, but we’re really excited to just get out there and do it.

There are about 3 weeks in between the last Open WOD and our Spring Sprint Triathlon.  We are in total training mode and it feels so good!  I’m not saying that we’re going to smash this Triathlon by any means, but I will say that we’re going to FINISH it no matter what it takes.

It’s actually a “Sprint Triathlon” not a full blown Tri.  So what’s that?

It’s a 400 meter swim, then a 10 mile bike ride, and then finished with a 5K run (3.2 miles).  Not bad.  Especially since the bike riding part is low terrain.  There aren’t any hills or treacherous climbs.  It’s around Mission Bay.  And since I just finished a 5K recently, I feel like it won’t be the worst thing- I’m just nervous about being wet from the swim and then biking 10 miles and running after that!  Whatever… if anything, it’ll be one hell of an experience.  Wouldn’t want anyone else as my partner either!!!

Matt and I have committed to each other and work really well as a team, fortunately :)  His strengths and my strengths are different so we use them to our advantage and each others’ advantages when in need.  I would be kidding if I said that I’m not nervous, as I have really no idea what to expect.  But, then again, what’s the worst that could happen?  We’re out there exercising our bodies and putting our fitness levels to the test.  How bad could it be?  Let’s do this!  I actually asked my Coach Eric Salcedo this question and he said simply, “The worst that could happen?  Die.”  Bahahaha!!  C’mon Eric.  If I die, it better be because a shark cruised into the bay and ate my ass.  If I’m gonna go down, it better be a good story.  For my kids’ sake anyway.

My motto for this year is to GO BIG.  I’m not going to have the energy and strength to do these types of things forever…so let’s go, before I (we) miss the opportunity.  Right?!  I mean…RIGHT?!

Well, I don’t have may pictures from Chelsea’s Run except for the one up top that was e-mailed to me.  But here are a few :)

The sea of 6K people coming out to show their love and support

Running with some of my BEST friends in one of the GREATEST runs I will ever participate in.

Let’s go! Signed up for a timed race. Finished in 31.08 :)

We all FINISHED! Such a great group of girls (and kiddos). Love you all!!

These girls are some of my BEST of friends I consider family and I’m looking forward to posting picts from my BBCF family as well.  Those girls (and guys) are just as huge of a part of my life journey.  Really lookin’ forward to seeing how we do at the Open!  Boombox Crossfit is one STRONG group of athletes.  I know we’re gonna crush it!  BBCF baby!!!  Let’s GO!


Finnley Jay is 8 months! {3.1.13}


FJS is 8 months!  Where in the world did the time go!?!  I swear Jake’s 1st year went by like molasses compared to Finnley’s and I can guarantee he has something to do with it.  Keeping up with 2 is a whole lot different than what it was managing one.  All of you out there with 3+ kids…wow.  I seriously don’t know how you do it.  But good job!

Finnley has surprised us from the day she was born.  She is our crazy, wonderful, SWEET and beautiful little wild woman!  She is 100 mph, 100% of the time- unless she’s sleeping.  She and her brother have that in common.  They both don’t stop!  I suppose it’s a small dose of my own personality.

Curious as ever!

From birth (June) to 6 months, Finn has been the sweetest most cherished baby on this earth!  I look at her sweet face and think how she can possibly do anything wrong.  She’s just a peach!  She rarely cries and is always so peaceful and content.  There never seems to be a problem unless she’s tired or hungry…easily fixable.  She comes to Crossfit with me (and Jake too) 4-5 days a week and rarely says a peep!  She’s just always so happy.  She definitely LOVES to be held and cuddled, like most babies of course.  I just have been in heaven with every moment spent with my sweet baby girl.  It’s has absolutely been just the craziest most beautiful blessing to have the two babies that we have.  My heart is SO full of joy and happiness.

Good morning sissy!

So, ever since Finnley turned 6 months, she has been on the GO!  She literally started full blown crawling on her 6 month 1/2 birthday.  Both Matt and I looked at each other and said, “Isn’t this early for her to be doing this?”  We were in trouble.  Ever since that day, she’s only gotten better.  Faster.  Stronger.  Now she’s standing up on things, sitting up playing with her toys, switching from one hand to the other, holding her own bottles, saying DaDa (typical), feeding herself, gosh…what else.  It’s just crazy I guess because it all seems to be going by really fast.  Slow down baby girl!  It’s actually pretty rad, this stage in her life.  I like it. I just know next time I look back it will be when she’s 16 and I will ask where the time went then.  I guess I will come back here to the blog…

What choo lookin’ at, mang?

Mustache shenanigans!!  Aren’t we supposed to screw with them as much as possible while they’re young?  Before I know it, they’re going to be embarrassed of me and not think it’s “funny.”  Gotta get it in now!  Mustaches, hats, sunglasses, accessories…it’s all hysterical.

Evening walk around the block- Cheetah girl

There’s that sweet smile.  I wish I could post a video on here from a walk that we took the other night.  She was giggling so much.  It was the cutest thing EVER!!  I just die when I hear her voice.  Ever thought of that??  What your kids voice will sound like?  You can’t really tell until they’re about one…or two I guess.  Jake started chatter boxing at like 10 months.  But anyway, it is weird to think about sometimes.  Finn has this deep, belly laugh when we tickle her and I almost fall over every time I hear it. It’s the best.

BFF’s …for eva eva…

Finnley looks to her brother for “what’s happening next.”  He’s so good with her, I really can’t complain.  Especially for being not even 2.5 years old.  He loves her so much, there’s no hiding that.  He asks about her if she’s not in the room, or he’ll wake up from a nap and ask what she’s doing.  It’s just heart warming.  He also rides over her fingers with his choo-choo train, grabs things out of her hands, wrestles with her without her approval and tells her “NO!  That’s mine!”  What are big brothers for, right?  I can’t wait to see them grow up together.  We had our children close together in mind that they would have a close relationship… Now THEY BETTER!  Or else.  Haha…

My sweet peach with the most adorable pierced lips and button nose

Can’t handle her sometimes.  She’s got her Daddy’s perfect eyebrows, big blue eyes and the best butt chin on the planet.  Her Nonny says it’s where she keeps all her secrets.  I believe it.  It’s her special trait, her beauty mark, that she started all on her own because no one in either family has that.  Way to go Fifi!!  I love you my sweet angel baby!

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