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DIY Valance No Sew window treatment ~ SO EASY!! {2.23.13}

Chic, Stylish, Vintage, Fun!

Some of you may already know this about me, but I’ll reiterate my love for crafting and making/creating things for all sorts of occasions.  Recently I’ve been really in to making fun, crafty things for my new home.  I’ve been trying to upgrade the looks of things around here since the day we moved in (2011).  In some aspects, within the last year or so, I have surprised myself with the things that I have made or created just by getting lucky.  Lots of trial and error for sure.  Lots of Pinterest too!  Check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite “home” ideas; there’s some pretty great projects that I’ve pinned…too many!  I’m happy to say however, this particular project was all me and yes, I will soon be pinning my DIY valance no sew project because I’d like to think that there are some people out there that would take this approach on a window valance.  Maybe not.  But maybe so.  Guess we’ll see how many “likes” or “re-pins” it gets, huh? Continue reading

Coffee rules! {2.12.13}

Mmmmm, cappuccino!

Dangit!  I never really noticed how much I love coffee until I didn’t have any for almost two days.  I had a headache and was super moody and short fused.  I’m pointing the finger at coffee!  It may not be the reason, but for now, I think it is.   Just a few days ago I took back our coffee maker to Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange it (for the same one) because the coffee maker side wasn’t working right anymore…but I LOVE our coffee maker.  It’s an espresso/capuccino/latte and coffee maker.  We make espressos and coffee the most.  We’ve only had our DeLonghi coffee maker for about 5 months or so and totally love it!!  It saves us a fortune, considering before we had it Matt was buying an Americano from Starbucks EVERY DAY.  EVERY DAY!!!  Sometimes twice a day.  He and my dear friend Brandi are so much alike.  They depend on their 3:00 coffee to get them through the second half of the day.  Me?  Oh, my 3:00 drink is vodka.  Either way, 2 Starbucks a day was costing around $6:00!  What!?

Americano: 2-4 shots espresso + hot water (and a little bit of cream). Matt’s fave :)

Anyway, so needless to say, this multi-use coffee maker has saved us a ton of money and time.  Above all, we love making and smelling coffee too :)  Makes the house smell awesome.  We use Starbucks dark roast.  We usually get the most excited about it right after getting back from crossfit.  Well, this week might be a little long :(  The coffee maker was returned and exchanged but we are still waiting for it to arrive.  Those of you who also have kids know how badly coffee can change your day!  Well, not being able to brew it at home is quite an inconvenience, especially with kids at home.  It’s not the easiest thing being able to pack up both the kids, one a toddler and one in a car seat, just to justify going out to grab a coffee.  There’s a Starbucks right down the street (the only other coffee that we both enjoy to love and love to enjoy) but lugging both kids inside to grab a coffee, once again, is not EASY.  How do I hold the coffee if I’m holding both kids?  Bust out the double stroller for a coffee?  Hmmm.  I think no…  This is all getting out of control.

Well, lucky for me, I have a drive-thru Starbucks a few more miles down the road from the local one!  But, it never fails, every time I go to get in the drive-thru line, there is AT LEAST 8 cars in front of me…no joke.  We’re talkin’ a 20 minute wait every time without fail!  So…how about that drive-thru line?  Is it mainly for lazy people?  People with children in the car who don’t want to lug them inside?  People who are desperate for a Starbucks but can’t find a parking spot?  People getting multiple coffees for others?  What’s it for, I would love to know?  Either way, any of the above reasons for people to use the drive-thru are completely fine, I’m just wondering what the general consensus is?  It’s like the line at In-n-Out.  Never fails.  There is ALWAYS a line.  ALWAYS.  It’s totally cool, because they have the best burgers, fries and shakes, so of course there’s always a line.  Same with Starbucks and their coffee, I suppose?  Is it because it’s the best?  It would be sooo much easier if I knew that the drive-thru line wasn’t always as busy.  I’d justify coffee all the time!  That is…when my own coffee maker is broken :)  Hurry up and get here, I’m running out of coffee money!  I should be getting it back in just a few days…YEAY!

The dreadful drive-thru line

Our DeLonghi

So, I guess the moral of the story is…COFFEE RULES, in more ways than one.  Unfortunately…but fortunately too.  Haha!


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