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Homemade Veggie Soup! {1.28.13}


I’d have to say that one of my favorite things to “cook” is SOUP.  They are fun to make, eat, serve and  smell!  They are even more enjoyable in the winter months of course, but I enjoy making them all year round.  I think one huge reason why I love making soups is that they’re easy to modify if you’ve added too much of something or if you don’t have enough of another thing.  You can hide your mistakes easily through the creation of soup and that’s just great!!

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Sunsets in January {1.14.13}

Matt had been gone for a week in Vegas for work and we missed him so much!  A week with the kids by myself isn’t easy!  I gained a whole new respect for single Mom’s and I only did it for a week!  It’s hard work to say the least!  So Matt returned on Friday night and we had a recovery type of weekend as it wasn’t entirely ALL business out there in Vegas…there was some “work hard/play hard type of play.  So anyway, it was Sunday morning and we got to the box and made up some WOD’s at open gym.  We had some quality family time during the afternoon and evening too.  The day was a perfect re-charge for the upcoming week.

We like to cruise up to this spot over by Meadow’s Park, right up the street from us.  There’s a lake and a trail to let the dog off leash so she can rome.  We have been feeling SO BAD for Whiskey (our dog) lately because we haven’t been able to get her out as much!  It’s so sad!  We are going to make more of an effort to get her out of the house at least once every other day.  It’s just different in the winter months because by the time Matt gets home from work, it’s already dark outside and I’m usually in the middle of cooking dinner.  Another factor is that we’re just so darn busy and it’s really not fair for her.  So, we are making her a huge priority again– now that we are into some sort of a routine with juggling life with 2 kids!  …And a dog.  After all, she was the first one into our family!

Whiskey’s heaven

We bundled the kids up in the stroller and walked up to the lake and strolled all the way around and up through the hills.  We saw the most beautiful sunset!!  It was a great opportunity for some pics :D  Courtesy of me, myself and I!  Just thought I’d share these.  I just love nights like this.  They’re the best!!!  Family is so precious.  I have to stop and remind myself how lucky and fortunate I am.  Every day.

Kisses at sunset

Finnley Jay

Jake & Mommy


Be My Valentine! {1.13.13}


Well, this year I kind of got into Valentine’s Day a little early.  Like a month early!  I usually don’t even really decorate for Valentine’s Day but I felt inspired this year for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I have a little girl.  Awwweee!  And after browsing Pinterest one late night in bed, I found a few fun projects that looked relatively cheap to make and super fun and cute!  I’m all about AFFORDABLE, STYLISH and CHIC!  So, I decorated a burlap wreath I had previously decorated for Thanksgiving but just took the “Harvest decor” off of it and transformed it into a cute little Valentine wreath.  Having burlap as a background or base is the best!  It’s got great texture, is neutral, chic and has a fun country, vintage feel.  My favorite!!  My other project is a Valentine banner that hangs from my mantle.  Of course, made out of burlap as well.  Gotta keep the theme going but not over do it.  I will have to Pin these to my Pinterest page soon :) Continue reading

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