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My baby has chompers! {12.31.12}

How did 6 months already pass by?  I mean really!?  It didn’t go by that quick with Jake!  Where has the time gone???  I guess life is just that much busier with 2.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  They are my entire world and I just can’t believe they’re mine!!!  Well, needless to say, Finnley is now 6 months old and has her first two teeth!  Kind of a big deal for a Mom, but I suppose not that exciting.  It just changes her whole look and is now starting to look like a baby instead of an infant.  Crazy how the time flies!

I have this book next to my bed on my nightstand and it is strictly for writing about the kids.  Any milestones, funny happenings, findings, new realizations, things they say, etc.  I wrote in it for about the first two months of Finnley’s life and have just not been able to keep up!  Waaaay too much has happened in such a short amount of time!  I didn’t think it would all feel like this, but it surely does.  What a crazy life this is.

So, as Finnley turned 6 months old (her sweet little half birthday), two huge things happened.  She got two bottom toofers, like on the DAY and she also started crawling about a week before that…  Whoa!!!  Slow down little girl.  We started noticing her early crawling in the beginning of December.  She was on the move but would army crawl around… then all of a sudden I noticed her moving around a lot more.  I would set her someplace and look back and she was gone.  She would be down the hall by the laundry room…Ummmmmm.  SHIT!  My baby is on the move.  Time to bust out those gates again!  My head is constantly spinning!  Where’s Finn…where’s Jake…where am I?!?!  Hahaha.

Jake on the other hand is into 2 year old things, you know…like music!  He’s learning to love music and instruments a lot.  He is always dancing around the house or in the car or at the park or really, wherever!  He asked Santa for drums and a guitar for Christmas and due to his gracious grandmothers, he got both.  LOOK OUT!  We’ve got a musician on our hands!  It is so much fun to see him have such a love and interest for music at such an early age.  I hope he will grow up to be able to plat at least ONE instrument, if not more.  It’s an important one for me.  Everyone’s got their thing, and this is one (of many) for me.

All smiles and 2 big chompers to go with it!

Little drummer boy

Sweet Finnley and “Friday”

I’ve added a photo from Christmas of Finnley sitting with “Friday” the horse.  Can’t believe how big she’s getting!


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