Sick as a dog! {1.22.14}

Who’s got time to be sick??  I know I don’t!  Whatever this is going around I believe EVERYONE I know has had it or has it or is definitely gonna get it!  (I truly hope not…because it’s awful)!  Ok, enough of the negative rant…but really, who has the time for this?  It’s brutal and so darn consuming.

It started in early January with Finn, then she passed it on to Jake then Matt and now I’ve had it for almost 2 weeks with no sign of relief :( Why is it that having a simple cold makes you feel like you are dying?  I mean c’mon!  I suppose the worst part is having to take care of 2 children in the midst of it all.  If I didn’t have to tend to my children and make sure they were well fed, dressed and not getting into mischief, I believe this whole sickness would be about 60% less dramatic.  Wait…there is worse…I just forgot.  It’s when Mommy AND children are ALL sick together!!!  Haha.  How could I forget!

From hot Green Tea, EmergenC, to Vicks vapor rub and Kodine cough syrup…I think I give up?!  :(  I was coughing so hard the other day that I popped a blood vessel in my eye!  WTH!  This cold wins!  Hoping to be recovered by this weekend so I can attempt to kick ass in my Crossfit comp, but unfortunately it’s not looking too great.

Did you get the 2014 bug??  Anyone have any tips on kicking a cold quicker next time??  What remedies do you use??  The doctor said a teaspoon on HONEY every 3 hours… eeek.  I swear I’m sick once every 2-3 years so when it happens I feel lost almost!   I’d hate to endure this again any time soon.  And… so sorry for the annoying post that really doesn’t benefit anyone including myself.  I promise it’ll be my last :)

Take care of yourself!

New Year…New You! {1.3.14}

As we ring in the new year, we have decided as a family that there is no better time than now to live and think healthy!!  We want this new year to be our best year yet.  Having been a part of Crossfit for over a year now has put our lifestyle habits into great perspective and we have learned what habits work and which ones don’t.  It’s not easy defining and living a healthy lifestyle, especially with two kids and a crazy schedule.  But what I can say is that having a goal and wanting to change is the first step!  Change isn’t necessarily the answer if nothing needs change… Some people think that with each year, change needs to occur.  I feel that it’s not necessarily change that needs to occur, but growth.  With my 2014, I will seek both :)

Sweet Fifi

Sweet Fifi

Healthy living consists of many, MANY things.  There is the obvious which starts with more exercise, better eating and more sleep.  But also in my mind, one of the major important changes I need to make in my own routine is to rid myself of feeling like I have to always be “caught up”.  It’s exhausting!  I love being busy and productive and active, but when it becomes too much and life seems to feel stressful and overwhelming, those things start to interfere with the development of my true goals.  It’s time to let go of the things that don’t matter and to hang on tighter to the things that do.  That realization right there was a hard one to find…but once I discovered it, a huge weight was lifted.

My two boys.  My everything.

My two boys. My everything.

I want to be more active in what my kids are doing, or learning, or saying, or thinking or how they’re developing as little beings!!  I want to be more present and less distracted.  I want to live more simply.  This I understand, is all up to me.  I will do my best to start this year off working towards fulfilling these new lifestyle changes in hopes for a happier, healthier me.  A better wife, Mother, daughter, sister and friend :)

What are your 2014 wants?  Needs?  Changes?  Goals?  Resolutions?

Working out the kinks {10.2.13}

Hey all!  Sorry about this but is under construction for a little while as we figure out why I’m unable to post?!  I wrote a blog on the 21st of August and half of it was erased when I went back the next day to finish it.  I was sure I saved it.  I re-wrote it again and saved it, like always, added all of my media and pictures and it was gone AGAIN!  I actually posted it, but when I went to check it on my phone, it wasn’t there and is still nowhere to be found :(  I’m bummed, as it was a great post.  Not sure what’s going on, but we’re working out the kinks right now.

Stay tuned!!  We should be back to normal real soon.

Lindsey :D

Girls Trip to Palm Springs!! {7.24.13}

The trip has officially begun!

The trip has officially begun!

This trip has been long overdue! I’m not sure when the last time was that we had a girls trip. A solid one. Although a couple of girls were missing from this trip due to other planned vacations or whatever the case, the 5 of us had the trip of a lifetime. There have been so many weddings, babies, showers and celebrations throughout the past 4 or 5 years that has indeed kept us all in close contact with each other, but getting out is a necessity sometimes too. This summer, we decided to plan a girls trip to Palm Springs to just get away, relax and do what you do on trips like this… lounge poolside, eat, drink, bond and get tattoos! Wait… Yep, that’s right! Tattoos! A TOTAL spur of the moment thing, and a decision that was fueled by spontaneity and excitement that made it all the better. We had all only been out there for about 3 hours, hanging out in the pool, discussing things over Jameson Gingers and Vodka before this came up!

...who knows...but it was REALLY funny!!

…who knows…but it was REALLY funny!!

No caption necessary.

No caption necessary.

CHEERS!!  Let's go.

CHEERS!! Let’s go.

After a bit of a run around and 2 tattoo parlors and a piercing shop later, we finally ended up at Adornment Tattoo in Palm Springs at about 8:00pm. The 5 of us walked in with an idea of what we all wanted, and we we sitting in the chair about 15 minutes later. We all walked out a couple of hours later and were home before 11:00pm with fresh, new tattoos on our hands and wrists. Holy hell!! I suppose it would’ve been different if we were spending the weekend with different people, but these girls are ALL my favorite girls in the world (plus my Kelly) and I wouldn’t have wanted to get a tattoo any other way! (Except for with Matt, obvi).

At the tattoo parlor...rearin and ready for some permanent ink!

At the tattoo parlor…rearin and ready for some permanent ink!

It’s a weekend I’ll never forget! We were all tattoo high for the rest of the trip… What a rush! The fun, once-in-a-lifetime kind of rush, filled with excitement and nerves. Of course there’s the moment the next morning when you wake up with slight damage control as you look down at your finger (or wrist) and check the spelling!!! Thank god! Hahaha. I still loved it as much as I did the night before…and I still do!



Tattoos or not, it’s so important to take trips like these, to enjoy, cherish and celebrate the friends in my life. I value all my friends more than most things and I wouldn’t be who I am without these girls. My Mom always tells me how lucky I am to have such wonderful and true friends and I couldn’t agree more. However, the close friendships I have are the ones I work the hardest to keep. Just like any relationship, the ones you water are the ones that grow. I consider myself quite fortunate. Palm Springs 2013!!!

Friends forever.

Friends forever.

Finnley’s 1st Birthday!! {7.9.13}

My sweet Finnley

My sweet Finnley

Well, a year has come and gone…just like that.  This past year growing up with Finnley has gone by way too fast!  MUCH faster than Jake’s 1st year.  MUCH!  I think a big reason why I feel like Finnley’s first year flew by is because I was busy chasing both of them around.  Although very fun, adventurous and exciting, it all seems like such a whirlwind now looking back.  Jake had a big year too!  He is growing straight through his 2′s and has had many breakthroughs in just one year as well.  We are so happy to be raising such fun-loving, genuinely sweet and adventurous kids.  It’s an indescribable feeling.

We booked a vacation to Cabo San Lucas for the weekend after her birthday, as that was the weekend it happened to be booked for.  This was an “adults only” vacation :)  So, we planned her birthday party for the end of the month (a few days after we got back from our 5 day vacation).  I made sure to make all of her decorations and solidify all plans in the weeks prior so I didn’t have to try and put anything together last minute, after returning home from vacation.  I made a month-to-month banner and a few other fun little touches to make her party special.  It was fun!  I love crafting, especially if it’s for my kids!  I made sure that all I had to do in the few days before her party was to pick up the food and her cake!  And that’s how it went.

Prepping the dessert table

Prepping the dessert table

The Picnic Table!  Turned out great!

The Picnic Table! Turned out great!

The Rice Krispy treats all melted together...Oops!

The Rice Krispy treats all melted together…Oops!

I decided to throw Finnley a Picnic at the Park!  I figured it was a perfect way to celebrate as she LOVES to be outside and enjoys playing with her friends…and eating.  She LOVES to EAT!  So we invited our closest friends and family to come join us at a park in Penasquitos and we had a fabulous day!  It was actually one of the hottest weekends in history, to date, but luckily the day of her party, it was overcast so the sun never actually came all the way through the clouds that day.  It was the most we could have asked for!  Matt and I really started getting nervous the night before the party because of the heat.  I took a quick trip to the store and bought squirt guns and and these washcloths (that we’d keep in ice water) that he thought we’d need for anyone who was overheating.  Hahaha!  Didn’t end up needing those…  To say the least, her picnic was a success!  Matt BBQ’d hot dogs and hamburgers, there was delicious potato salad, pasta salad, watermelon on a stick (thanks Mom, you’re so good at replicating Pinterest), Ants on a Log (remember those?), chips and other great Picnic food!  It was great.  I think Finnley ate 2 whole watermelon sticks that day.



Luke and Finn loading the squirt guns for a serious attack on their older siblings!

Luke and Finn loading the squirt guns for a serious attack on their older siblings!

One of the greatest parts of celebrating a childs’ birthday is seeing all the kids together.  There are so many kids now!  It’s nuts.  This was our first party that we held that there were actually more kids/babies than adults.  Whoa, makes us feel old :(  The kids are taking over!!!  It’s pretty awesome at the same time.

Goin' out for a stroll with her girlfriends Lana & Ellie

Goin’ out for a stroll with her girlfriends Lana & Ellie

Wyatt the GREAT!

Wyatt the GREAT!

We felt so lucky to have our cousins come down to help celebrate as well!  Thanks Garrett, Crystal, Kelsey and Brad!

Matt and my cousin, Garrett and his new born son, Bradley.  Love them!!!

Matt and my cousin, Garrett and his new born son, Bradley. Love them!!!

Nico loves Doritos!!!

Nico loves Doritos!!!

We’re looking forward to Finnley’s next year of growing, learning, exploring and playing.  It’s quite the adventure and I feel so grateful to be living such a fun chapter of my life.  I’m definitely trying to hold on to these sweet memories as close to my heart as possible, as I know one day I’m going to wake up and my kids will be graduating college.  Life moves too fast!!  We cherish our babies and all of the wonderful family and friends near and far.  It’s so nice to have all the grandparents and Brian and Peris and cousins, Rory and Abi close so we can all enjoy in these huge celebrations together!  We surely missed Finn’s other cousin Emma and her Uncle Josh and Auntie Mickey.  Hoping to see them soon.

Nonny & Papa!

Nonny & Papa!

Gigi and her girl

Gigi and her girl

Happy Birthday Finnley!!!  We love you!

Happy Birthday Finnley!!! We love you!

It was a fun day to say the least.  Although it made me nervous to have her birthday party only a few days after returning from vacation, it all turned out just the way I had pictured it.  I love you Finnley!!!  Happy 1st birthday my sweet angel.  May all your dreams come true.  Forever and ever.

Spring Swimming Lessons! {6.18.13}

Gazing at the pool on his first day, in complete aweee...

Gazing at the pool on his first day, in complete aweee…

We just recently put Jake into swimming lessons for his first time.  We thought he was ready last year, but with being pregnant and all, I decided that this year would be better.  He has already had tons of exposure to the water, having been to the beach several times and pool days galore.  So, putting him in swim lessons was exciting for Matt and I, as we suspected he’d love it but also because we thought it was time he started due to all his exposure to the pool.

Through the Temecula news magazine that we receive monthly, I browsed through and found swimming lessons that are offered all over the place.  I decided to put him in a 2 week session that started in the Spring because I know that by summertime, it is going to be REALLY hot up here.  Plus, I thought it would be nice to get him in early, so throughout the summer we could work with him on all of the fun stuff he learned :)

So, it was M-F for 30 minutes each session.  We were lucky enough to have Daddy come watch a few times!!  Jake’s lessons were from 5-5:30, later in the day so it wasn’t too hot, while it was also something to look forward to for him.  From day one throughout the two weeks, Jake loved every second.  He just really enjoys being in the water!  Just like his Daddy and I.  My parents always say that during my childhood, I was in the water more than I was out.  Sounds like this could be the beginning for Jake.  Matt was the same way too.  Jake still inquires about lessons every once in a while and asks if we are going.  They’ve been over for a week.  I love that my kid enjoys the water!  Not all kids do, and that’s completely fine, it’s just that Matt and I really enjoy being at the pool and of course the beach, so it helps if your kid(s) like the same activities as well.

My little fish!

My little fish!

Lessons were “Parent & Me” so I was in the water with Jake every time.  It was a fun bonding experience with my buddy.  He thinks he can swim without me sometimes, but he quickly learned that he can’t.  We took the lessons just right down the street from our house at the Community Recreation Center (CRC).  The pool there is awesome!!!  It has a twisty water slide, like the ones at water parks.  So that’s kind of cool.  No high dive though.  Just a lower diving board.  I just remember going off the high-dive when I was about 5 (says my Mom) at the Mt. Carmel pool and getting out of the water to stand in line to do it over, and over, and over again.  It was a thrill!!!  And I was a thrill seeker too.  Haha.  What else is new!  Anyway, so the pool at CRC was cool; I’m happy to know that it’s just down the street from my house.  They opened up the water slide last week and run it throughout the summer.  Our swim instructor, Payton, said it’s $1 to come swim for 3 hours.  What a deal!!  Jake’s still not big enough for the water slide (40 inches- like most roller coasters or rides I assume), but I’m sure we’ll go over there a couple of times this summer for a pool day.  We have 5 pools in our community that we take advantage of, but it’s a different experience at the “swim lessons” pool.



So, we learned about 10 different skills over the 2 week span for Jake to learn.  By the second day, Payton had mentioned that Jake seems to have it all down pretty well and that she’s not worried about his skill progression.  Well that made me feel like $40 well spent right there!   We weren’t through the first week and Jake had mastered all skills.  Well in my eyes at least.  From then on, we sort of just treated his swim lessons as a bonding session for the both of us.  I made sure he showed me each skill before we messed around.  So he learned to float on his front and his back with arms out (with assistance), blow bubbles, crab walk on the wall, scoop and kick, hold on to the wall and push off to me (facing both forward and backward- that’s some trust right there), jump off the edge to me, dunking under water …and the biggie… retrieving toys that he sees with his eyes open under water.  He did MARVELOUS!  I love my boy, whether he does great or not-so-great at swimming lessons, it’s the experience that matters most.

I will definitely be taking him back there for his next lessons, or for lessons for Finnley as I was happy with the program and the cost as well.  At this young age, it’s not too serious, I’d just like to see that he knows how to swim in the event of an accident or emergency.  We will be working on this with both the kids until they know how to swim by themselves comfortably.  The tricks and other things (learning strokes) can come later if they’re interested.  For the Summer, we have gotten Jake a puddle jumper for the times he wants to swim freely in the water without us helping him.  Makes things a lot easier for us, if we want to hang in the water with Finnley too…

His cute little tan line... my absolute favorite toosh!

His cute little tan line… my absolute favorite toosh!

Next up for Jake will be Sports Camp in July!!!  We’re all really looking forward to that, as we all know how much Jake likes sports!!  Stay tuned!

Jake’s Potty Training update :) {5.23.13}

Well, as I stated in Jake’s Triple Threat, this whole process wasn’t going to be an easy one as these 3 tasks are BIG DEALS.  I’m proud to say however, we are on our way and it’s all going as smooth as we make it.

Because of everything going on in our busy lives, every most parents (and non-parents) know how important it is to be consistent.  If there is an important task at hand that is going to be drawn out over the span of a couple days or even months, you can imagine how incredibly important it is to be consistent and persistent.  It has been about a month and I have kept the same attitude and “rules & incentives” for Jake as I set on day one…with potty training that is.  If I slip for just ONE DAY, it’s over.  All hard work put in up to that point can be considered wasted.  Kids aren’t stupid!  If you slip, they will revert back to that time that you “let them” wear a diaper because you were lazy, or didn’t have time, or didn’t want to deal with an accident while you were out to dinner or at a friends’ house, OR whatever the reason!  Once it comes to that, it’s extremely difficult to go back to “strict training.”  So, as you can imagine, it’s so important to stay on track, consistent and focused…no matter the situation.  That’s difficult to do, folks!!!  Life happens in the meantime!  It’s not like this is the only thing we have going on in our lives…but we have to make it seem that way, in this particular situation, for Jake’s sake.



He’s done really well up to this point!  My Mom got him a star chart for the downstairs bathroom so he can put a star on his board every time he goes potty.  He loves it!!  Thanks Mom.  It’s #2 that’s the tricky part.  Most Mom’s I’ve talked to say this is the usual circumstance during potty training though, so it’s just something that will come with time.  Well, after many, many accidents in every possible place, at every inopportune time, Jake finally went poo-poo in the potty!  Let me back up for a second and just say that never once did I (or Matt) get mad or upset at Jake for his accidents in his “big boy underwear, or skivvies.”  He knew when he had an accident because you could see it on his face.  But either way, this entire process isn’t easy for any of us, especially the child.  They need to feel as comforted as possible during big changes like these and that’s exactly how we tried to make him feel and are still working at right now.

Star chart!

Star chart!

Daddy helping him go in the bushes... Gotta do what you gotta do!  Boys!!

Daddy helping him go in the bushes… Gotta do what you gotta do! Boys!!

We are ecstatic for Jake going #2 on the potty yesterday!!!!!  We were outside on the patio riding bikes and he was in the middle of telling em something and he just got up off his trike and ran inside and started doing circles on the tile in the kitchen.  He was naked at the time.  I came inside and knew exactly what was happening.  I ran him to the potty, right down the hall and sat him on his little toilet and said, “Ok Jake, just go ahead and go poo-poo, I’ll leave you alone and let you have your privacy and do your business.”  I shut the door and walked down the hall.  I waited 2 minutes and came back and he was emptying it into the big potty.  I couldn’t believe it!!!  He really just sat there for once and did it!

My BIG BOY!  So proud!!!

My BIG BOY! So proud!!!

I screamed and yelled and threw him a big party!  I served him up a bowl of ice cream with vanilla wafers and busted out the BIG swirly sucker that we’ve been keeping for this very moment!  I tried to make him feel as special as possible.  I just kept hugging him and telling him how proud of him I was.  We even called Daddy at work!  I had Jake tell him on speaker what he did and he was all smiles telling Dadda.  It was a really cool moment for all of us!  I suppose if you’re not a parent maybe you don’t know the true feeling of this milestone, but it’s huge.  I’m sure if you’re reading this, you do though.

Anyway, so that’s our update and we are moving forward hoping that he continues to poop on the potty from here on out.  I’m sure there will be several accidents here and there along the way though.  Expectedly!!  We are proud of both of our children and can’t believe that we’re even going through this in the first place.  These moments and milestones in parenting in the last 2 1/2 years have really opened my eyes to how rad it is to be a Mother, but even more so…Jake and Finnley’s Mom.  It’s pretty cool.

Triathlon update!! {5.22.13}

Well it’s been a couple of weeks and it’s been a whirlwind around here! We are quite the busy family as it is, but Spring and Summer are always filled with SO much to do…we try to make it all fun stuff though :)

BoomBOX Tri athletes!!

BoomBOX Tri athletes!!

So I stated in an earlier post that I would give an update on the Triathlon Matt and I did on Cinco de Mayo. So here you go! In a nutshell, we had an absolute BLAST. It was such a fun experience for both of us and we really went into it with no expectations but to just do our best, and that’s exactly what we did. So proud of us!!! This was a big accomplishment.

Ahhhhh...time to relax

Ahhhhh…time to relax

The day before the race, we dropped the kids off with their grandparents. We got our registration at Shore Park and went to a nearby pub for some pre-race beers and food. That night, we stayed at Mikey & Kelly’s and shared some laughs and some REALLY GOOD grub! Steaks of course and a glass or two of Cab. Anyway, Matt and I got to the race early and just hung out in the truck and talked. It was still pitch dark outside as it was only 5am. When was the last time you did that?! I felt like a kid again, hanging out with my best friend :)

About an hour later we started setting up all our gear. We attached our bib numbers to our shirts and the sticker(s) to our bike and helmet. Matt pumped up our tires and we were ready to rock and roll.

Pump it up!

Pump it up!

Looks like a pair of winning numbers to me!

Looks like a pair of winning numbers to me!

My partner :)

My partner :)

It wasn’t too long after that the race began.

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NY Coffee Crumb Cake!

Look at all that scrumptious crumb topping... it's heavenly!

Look at all that scrumptious crumb topping… it’s heavenly!

WOWZERS!!!  I’m not sure how I felt so inspired to make this, as these days I have been really into eating as clean as possible, but this recipe just looked too good to pass up!  Sweet Jeezzzus, they’re amazing!!

My gracious Mother-in-law gets me a subscription to Cuisine at Home every Christmas.  She just re-new’s it.  I like it because it deters me from Pinterest and the recipes are crazy good!  There are always great cooking tips and tricks too.  Usually in the summertime they will have awesome recipes for BBQ’ing and grilling and in the winter they debut delicious comfort food recipes.  It’s all really good and unique too!

I was flipping through the magazine and came across the section titled: “The Art of Coffee Cakes.”  Can you say DANG!!!  I want to make them all!  They look so freeking good!  I chose to make the New York Crumb Cake because I had mostly all the ingredients and it didn’t look too difficult either.

The picture explains it all...

The picture explains it all…

Jake was having a rough morning and wasn’t feeling well.  He came up to me right after my workout at Crossfit and just hugged me with his head lying on my shoulder.  He was sweating and whining.  For the next half an hour, he didn’t want me to let him down.  He wouldn’t lose my sight!  I knew he was sick.  After a visit to the doctor 45 minutes later, it was apparent that Jake had gotten his first ear infection.  Poor little man.  I felt so bad for him!!!  Although I must say, I absolutely LOVED having him cuddle with me all morning and afternoon.  He just wanted his Mommy and no one else.  I loved every minute, but also felt terrible for him at the same time.  It made me feel needed as a Mother.  That feeling is incomparable.

So, we went to CVS, picked up our prescription, got a cookie on our way out and when we got home I dosed him up and put him straight down for a nap.  He was out.  Finnley looked up at me like, “what are we gonna do now Mom?  I’ve been in a car seat getting dragged around Crossfit to doctors offices, the drug store, Jamba Juice…I’m ready to PLAY!!!”  As for me, my little precious girl…I’m exhausted and it isn’t even noon!  So, I set her amongst the toys in our living room and decided it was as good of a time as ever to make these dang Crumb Cake bites.  She helped me along the way…



I didn’t take too many pictures of the actual baking process because it’s not my recipe and quite frankly, I was just enjoying my baking time to myself and wasn’t even thinking about blogging about it until I added the finishing crumble topping and thought to myself how good it looked!  So I took a few pictures, but the recipe is pretty self explanatory…not too many exciting pictures to take of the “process” anyway.  Unlike the way it tastes.  It tastes like pure magic!!   If you like coffee cake, or crumb cake or sour cream coffee cake, you’re going to LOVE this one too.  It says it’s recipe is based off of a European Crumb Cake brought to the city of New York by German immigrants in 1880′s.  Boom!!  This has GOT to be good…and it sure is.  It took me over an hour to make.  I guess I was taking my time.  It was therapeutic actually.  If you’re having a rough start to the day, or a rough week, or whatever it is; I feel like baking and/or gardening makes everything all better.

I used this bad boy for the cake...

I used this bad boy for the cake…

crumb die for

Crumb topping…to die for

Just two layers...and ready to bake!

Just two layers…and ready to bake!

Set the oven

Set the oven

Here we go!  Fingers crossed!!

Here we go! Fingers crossed!!

I made one batch and am going to bring it down to our Triathlon this weekend and eat it for breakfast, of course after we finish. We should be crossing that finish line around 9:30 I suspect!  Hopefully anyway…  It will be a perfect treat with a nice hot cup of joe.  I can taste it right now!  You must just try it for yourself…

Here’s the recipe!


  • 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 stick unsalted butter, melted and slightly cooled
  • 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour


  • 1 1/4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. baking soda


  • 6 tbs. unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • powdered sugar to sprinkle on top after baking


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Coat an 8×8 inch baking dish with butter and flour.

For the crumb topping, combine brown sugar, granulated sugar, cinnamon, salt.  Add melted butter and stir to combine.  Stir in 1 1/2 cups flour until mixture forms moist clumps.  Set aside.

For the cake, whisk together all ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda) in a bowl.  Set aside.

Cream softened butter and 1 cup granulated sugar in a separate bowl with a mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy, 3-5 mins.  Beat in eggs, one at a time, then vanilla, beating just until incorporated.  Add sour cream and beat just until blended.

Beat in flour mixture in three additions on low speed just until incorporated.

Transfer batter to prepared dish, smooth top.  Starting at the edges, drop pea sized clumps/pieces of the brown sugar topping, covering the top layer evenly.  Completely cover cake with crumbs (topping will be thick).

Bake cake until topping is golden brown and a toothpick inserted into center of cake comes out clean, 45-50 mins.  Let cake cook completely, sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Cut into 9 (1 inch) squares.


Fresh out of the oven... Mmmm!

Fresh out of the oven… Mmmm!

And the final product!  Voila!

And the final product! Voila!

Let me know what you think?!  As I said before, this isn’t my recipe.  It is taken directly out of Cuisine at Home.  The only credit I can take is that I baked it just as the directions stated and it came out beautifully and delicious!  This is a first, as I’m not that great at baking.  I love to “cook” but baking is whole different thing.  I’m still learning!

Sprint Triathlon in T-5 days!!

Not sure why this is, but neither Matt nor I are even remotely nervous for this event.  Ummmm, a little concerning, don’t cha think?  I usually get nervous about ANY big event we have coming up, whether it’s a good nervous, or an excited nervous, or a nervous-nervous!  As I’m thinking about it, I feel like we haven’t really been thinking about it too much, being the reason we aren’t getting psyched out for it.  What I can say is that I’m super excited!!!  I have my whole week planned out, as usual and therefore I know Sunday will come up quite quickly.  Eeeeee!!

Those of you who know me well, if you’re reading this, you know me well… you know that I have never in my life desired to participate in a Triathlon.  Neither has Matt.  We’ve definitely had fitness desires and goals, but never to do a Sprint Tri or Marathon or anything.  Thanks to BoomBOX Crossfit, we are completely inspired and motivated to do this thing, and finish it strong!!  Truly, we really just want to finish it together, that in itself will be a hell of an accomplishment for the both of us!  A quick run-down: a Sprint Triathlon is much smaller than a full Triathlon, otherwise we wouldn’t have signed up.

  • So it’s a 400 meter swim (1/4 mile) rectangular course, a 10 mile bike ride (2 big loops around Fiesta Island) and finishes with a 3 mile run (2 loop running course).

A year ago today, I would’ve never been singing this tune.  No kidding at all, I (personally- but I know Matt too) have gained a certain confidence with the engagement and continuous dedication at BBCF.  That’s not to say that I think I’m going to blow this Tri up, I’m just saying that I have confidence that I can finish it.  We work SO HARD in our weekly WOD’s and Speed & Endurance classes that I definitely think we’ve been through much more of an ass-beating in 4 out of 5 WOD’s than what we are about to endure in this Tri.  I could be sorely mistaken, but that’s my hunch.  So here we are, a week away from this thing and Matt and I have had several little conversations about how we think it’s going to go, what we’re going to wear and how we’re going to go about the whole thing, but in all actuality we’re just going to go about it with no plan.  However it all plays out will be the way it happens.  Like I said, we are just happy to be doing this TOGETHER as a couple and accomplishing this thing arm-in-arm.

No, I don’t have a tri-suit, I have spandex shorts, a bathing suit and a tank.  No, I don’t have a cyclist bike, I’ve got a mountain bike.  No, I don’t have cycling shoes.  YES, I have a bike helmet, running shoes and a great attitude!!  Oh and the BEST partner! Oh and also the BEST support!  BBCF will be representing down at the Triathlon as well, so feel free to come on by and hang out with all of us!  It’s Cinco de Mayo!  What else do you have going on?!  I mean, really….  Haha.  I’m sure you’ve got something in the works.  A few of our wonderful friends will be joining us in support as well!  And will be sticking around for the after party too, duh!  Can’t wait!!  Nothing like celebrating a strenuous swim/bike/run with a few beers and live music :)  I’m giving us an average of about 2 hours to complete the race, so we should be completely finished and changed by 10am for sure.  We’ll see if that happens…

I’ll try and remember to take some pictures so I can post them later when I give an update as to how it all went!  Fingers crossed for us please!!!  It’s our first time, so there’s no expectations except finishing.  Our coaches keep telling us that they think we’ll be surprised at how well we actually do.  So that’s reassuring for sure.  I think they just have a lot of confidence in us.  Hope I/we can represent BBCF right!  They deserve it!  We’re gonna definitely do what we can.  We’ve got the determination.  We’ve got the strength.  We’ve got the focus.  And we’ve surely got the HEART.  Hoping the nerves don’t kick in too extremely so I can feel as good as I do now, on race day :)

Update in a couple weeks.  Until then!!

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